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None. If the client breaks the contract the attorney has no legal obligation to return any of the retainer fee. If the client believes the attorney was not representing their best interest in the case, he or she has the option of filing a malpractice suit and a complaint with the state bar association and the ABA.

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Q: If you pay a retainer and the fire your lawyer what amount of refund can you expect to recover?
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What is the average retainer for a construction lawyer in Maryland?

The average retainer for a construction lawyer in Maryland is $2000-$2500

Is there such a thing as having a lawyer on standby and if so how are the payments arranged?

The term usually used is "on retainer." A retainer is basically a fee paid up front for the services of a lawyer. The details vary, but usually it works something like this: The client arranges with the lawyer to represent him in either a specific legal matter (with details to come later) or just in general (as needed). The client pays the lawyer some amount of money up front. When/if the client actually uses the lawyer's services, the cost is deducted from the amount already paid. When the costs of the services approach the amount of the retainer, the lawyer and the client must reach some other arrangement. Should the client NOT use the services of the lawyer, the retainer fee is (usually) considered refundable. What you're describing sounds like something else, since the payments are made up front in a typical retainer agreement.

What is the typical retainer for a child custody lawyer?

The retainer cost will vary greatly with the lawyer and the case, and so it is impossible to say what the typical retainer is. However, prices generally range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Can you recover the retainer from a divorce lawyer if you have been representing yourself in court?

If the attorney did not appear at the hearing and thereby caused the client financial loss then the client can sue for damages. In regards to recovering the retainer it would be voluntarily on the attorney's part of whether a full refund or a portion thereof is warranted and would be based on the amount of time that was spent on the case.

What is easiest about being a lawyer?

Picking up your retainer.

What is the usual fee for retaining a personal injury attorney?

Many personal injury lawyers accept a contingency fee, a percentage of any damages awarded, rather than a retainer fee. Some lawyers require a retainer fee upfront which is a down payment on services rendered at an estimated number of hours based on their hourly rate. Retainer fees vary from lawyer to lawyer and state to state, but you may expect to pay between $500 - $1000 on average.

How much does a DUI lawyer cos?

It depends on the DUI lawyer. It will probably be somewhere between $2,500 and $10,000 for an initial retainer.

What is a retainer fee used for with a lawyer?

A retainer fee basically "retains" the lawyer's services. You should discuss exactly how your prospective attorney handles the retainer fee before giving them any money, because there are a couple of different ways of handling retainer fees.It may be a fee the lawyer charges in order to be available (which may mean that they have to turn down other clients; since doing so represents a loss of business for them, it's reasonable for them to expect to be compensated for this), or it may be a kind of "down payment" on future services. In either case, it's not an "all-you-can-sue" plan, you'll still have to pay for the actual services rendered.

Is the retainer fee deducted from the total bill?

This accounting practice varies from firm to firm and lawyer to lawyer. Some do and some do not there is no definitive answer.

When is it best to have a paternity lawyer on retainer?

"If there is an issue related to parenting time or custody, the family court will recommend alternate dispute resolution if possible. However if the issue does need to be settled in court seek a paternity lawyer who will require a retainer agreement."

How much is a retainer fee for a family lawyer?

Depending on the lawyer and therefore the complexity of your case, the fees will depend upon your lawyer we will help you to know more about this if you have any query you can contact us.

How much of a retainer will a drug possession lawyer require to take a case?

Attorneys charge varying fees and the amount of the retainer will depend on the lawyer you choose as there are no regulations governing this. A flat fee will definitely be charged and the amount will depend on various factors such as whether the person wishes to resolve the case without a trial, wants to challenge issue of the case or wishes to take the case to a jury trial. All of these factors will be discussed between the client and attorney to determine the appropriate fees to charge.

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