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Yes, failure to pay will result in termination of your insurance. If you don't pay for any of the insurance, the insurance cancel will reverse the payments they made to the hospital and doctors and you will have to pay full-price for the childbirth and subsequent care.

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Q: If you pay medical insurance from your paycheck and go out on maternity leave are you required to pay your employer the medical insurance as you would if you are working?
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Where on a paycheck is the EIN located?

The EIN (Employer Identification Number) is not required to be on the paycheck. If it is there, it would likely be in the format XX-XXXXXXX.

Does an empolyer have to pay maternity leave?

In the U.S. there is no requirement for an employer to replace your income during maternity leave. Some employers will do this as an employee benefit, but most do not. Employers in CA, HI, NJ, NY, and RI are required to offer state short term disability insurance, which covers maternity leave. Many employers offer short term disability insurance which covers maternity leave.

Can an employer pay health insurance for you?

Yes the employer can pay the health insurance but is not required to by law. He is encouraged to for bettering the employees benefits.

Can an employer take money out of your paycheck?

Yes. In fact, an employer may be required to deduct items such as federal and state taxes, social security, Medicare, and other items, as required by law.

How many taxes should be taken out of your paycheck?

Social Security and medicare insurance amount of 7.65% will be withheld from your gross pay plus the other amount the employer payroll department will be required to withhold from your gross pay before they issue you your NET take home paycheck for the pay period. Then you will also have other federal income tax amounts and other items that your employer payroll department will be required to withhold from your gross earnings. You should ask the employer payroll department for the amounts that they will have to withhold from your gross earnings.

Would my employer be required to purchase travel insurance, or 'go insurance' in order for me to be covered when I travel for work?

Even though it often depends on the employer, it is usually expected that the employer provide the travel insurance for his or her employees since it relates to the work activity.

Am I owed a buyout for not accepting health insurance benefits from employer?

No, you are not owed any money for skipping the employer's health plan. Some employers do this, but others do not. The employer is not required to pay you the cost of the health insurance, if you do not take it.

If your employer offers health insurance and you opt not to have it are they required to compensate you for the cost of a premium?

No. Keep in mind that insurance coverage is very expensive and the employer, as a rule bears the largest amount.

Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

Can you still file taxes even though your employer didnt pay them but still took them out of your paycheck?

If you have a job you are legally required to file taxes. Your employer's responsibility is to take the taxes out of your paycheck and "pay the man," as it were. If your W-2s reflect taxes paid to the Gov't, you are in the clear - if you file.

Can an employer hold your check for no reason?

No, employers are generally required to compensate you for the work that you have done. Even if the employer was to lay you off, they still should issue a final paycheck for the work that you have done previously.

In Florida what is the minimum number of employees required to have a state approved group insurance for an employer?


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