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If I become disabled I will get a check for not working

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Q: If you quit working in the because you were disabled could you still claim the disabilities benefits now if you can prove you were disabled at that time?
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Can you receive disability benefits if you are 62?

The question is: are you currently working and looking for disability insurance, or are you disabled and looking to apply for benefits? - If you are working and NOT disabled, looking for disability insurance benefits, an experienced agent can help you find an insurance carrier to offer DI at age 62. There are only a couple of companies that offer DI at age 62, majority will stop offering at age 59 or 60. - If you are currently disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits in your state. Good luck!

Can children with learning disabilities get social security?

In order to receive social security disability payments one has to have contributed to the social security system either by their own income or through the income of a spouse. The disability has to prevent them from working in order to qualify. A child is not expected to be working and therefore would not get disability benefits from simply being learning disabled. Once an adult that child may qualify for supplemental income if the learning disabilities continue to prevent employment.

Can you apply for temporary disability benefits retroactively if you were not working at the time that the doctor documented you as totally temporarily disabled?

Obviously you could not have been working at a time when you were totally, if temporarily, disabled. There are however several questions here: since you want to apply retroactively, how long ago was this? Applications have time limits. How did you become disabled? From whom are you seeking benefits? All of these may affect the answer to your question. That said, chances are that yes, you can apply.

Can a person who is 25 percent disabled but is working collect Social Security disability benefits?

No. The Social Security Administration only pays disability benefits if they determine you have a qualifying condition, are completely disabled, and are expected to remain disabled for at least one year. If you are capable of working or engaging in "substantial gainful activity" (SGA) regardless of whether you receive income for your efforts, you will not be approved for SSDI benefits. In addition, you -- or, under certain circumstances, a parent or spouse -- have to have made sufficient quarterly contributions to the Social Security fund before you become eligible to Social Security benefits. Some government programs, such as those for disabled military veterans, may pay a monthly stipend if you are partially disabled or have a non-disabling condition that has been linked to your military service (for example, Vietnam Veterans who have diabetes and were potentially exposed to Agent Orange automatically qualify for partial disability).

what happens to the ss I paid into while working where does it go when my husband dies I now receive his but mine is gone.?

You will begin receiving benefits when you retire or earlier if you become disabled.

What are some issues regarding working with physically disabled and delinquents?

Explain about the problem of physically disabled and delinquents?

Will you receive unemployment benefits if you quit your current job to go to school?

no, you can't get benefits because you are no longer working for them, so they don't have to cover you anymore.

Can you invest in the stock market while receiving social security disability benefits?

Yes, and in any other investment, since SSDI is simply accelerated Social Security Benefits you would be entitled to due to your work history and the fact you paid taxes during your working career. The SS administration simply estimates what a disabled person would get at full retirement age had they not been disabled and pays the benefit to the disabled person when they qualify as disabled. So, the money is up to the recipient to do with as they please and has nothing to do with checking accounts or savings account or any other assets. SSI benefits, confused with SSDI, is "needs based" and IS affected by a low-income persons assets.

Do you get benefits if you are not working?


What does Social Security offer for the unemployed?

Social Security is not a solution for unemployment. It was meant for those retiring or disabled and was contributed to while the person was working. Unemployment benefits are paid into the system by businesses for those who lose their jobs.

How much do dwarfs get from Social Security a month?

Don't automatically assume a dwarf, or little person, is disabled. Many work in a professional capacity, just like their taller counterparts. Some are doctors, lawyers, college professors, salespeople, etc. If a little person becomes fully disabled or retires, he or she receives benefits based on how much he paid into Social Security during his working years, just like anyone else. Someone who is disabled before age 22 receives benefits based on a parent's work record.

If you are working as a member of a team in your facility what benefits flow on to you and your residents?

If you are working as a member of a team in your facility, what benefits flow on to you and your residents

Working and drawing social security benefits?

Is there a benefit to working, paying social security and receiving social security benefits

Is a lab a working dog?

Yes, labs are often working dogs for usually the blind or disabled. But there are also other breeds that are working dogs too.

How many people become disabled from lower back pain?

About 3-4% of adults are disabled temporarily each year by LBP, with another 1% of the working-age population disabled completely and permanently

What are the benefits of working in Oregon?

There are numerous benefits to working in Oregon. Oregon provides workers with health care benefits that are most beneficial to the workers. Their healthcare promotes better health.

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How much do you get for social security if you're 19 and can't work because of sickness?

You need to earn a certain amount of credits. Usually once you have enough you should start to get a statement every year from Social Security telling you the exact amount of benefits that you would receive if you should become disabled. In this statement it says, "A young person who has worked and paid Social Security taxes in as few as two years can be eligible for disability benefits." You need to be declared disabled and not able to work to receive benefits. You can go to or call 800-772-71213 If you get denied for benefits but truly think you deserve them you can hire a lawyer to fight it. FYI, I am 28 and have been working for 10 years, I make a modest living and can get about 1000 dollars a month if I was to become Disabled. I hope this helps but this is my opinion and should not be taken as legal advice!

What percentage of Brazilians are disabled?

Based on information from the 2000 census in Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics [IBGE] suggests that 14.5% of the total population is disabled. Disability is defined as limitations on seeing; hearing; or getting around, because of an impact on physical, mental or locomotor abilities and skills. The percentage translates into a total number of 24.6 million disabled individuals in Brazil. Of that number, 16.6 million are visually disabled. But just under 150,000 of the visually disabled are blind. Hearing disabilities claim 5.7 million. But just under 170,000 of the hearing disabled are deaf. And of the total disabled population, 9 million are working, and therefore included within the total Brazilian workforce of 65.6 million workers 10 years of age and older. This information is based on the statistics available at the following site:

What is another word for not being able to work?

A disabled person on working affairs.

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If you work a Chick-Fil-A what are your benefits?

My benefits for working at chick fil a is making good money also helping people that need help.the reason i need this money and this job is because i need to help my disabled brother in a wheelchair.Also i need this job because i need to help my mother too.I need to help my grandmother she's also dying from cancer i dont want her to end up in a nursing home.But my benefits are what ever they give me.My actions are to get job experinces and learn how to work in the near future which is gonna be real soon for me.