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One way or the other, you have left the job. If you quit, then you pick the time and date. But, you are not eligible for unemployment or other training. If they fire you, the time is not of your choosing but you may (depending) be eligible for unemployment. Most people have been fired at one time or another, sad to say. At subsequent interviews, try to stay positive about the company and be clear about what you gained in experience at that job. If the firing is your fault--attendance or performance issues, sort that out so that you don't repeat unacceptable behaviors.

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Q: If you quit your job can your employer fire you?
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Can an employer force you to quit?

No, its your job if you want to quit then quit but no-one can force you.

What does really mean in plain English when your employer ask you to resign?

He is asking you to quit your job, so that he doesn't have to fire you.

Can an employer force an employee to accept a new job within the company?

The employer can revise job duties at will - absent a union contract prohibiting that. But no employer can compel you to work. You are free to quit ans find a better deal. That is called employment at will - you are free to quit with no notice or explanation; the employer can fire you with no notice or explanation.

Can an employer make you quit?

No, they can fire you,but to try to make you quit is just absurd.

Can an employer fire or threaten to fire for doing your job?

If you were doing your job there would be no reason for your employer to threaten to fire you.

Can a employer not hired you back if you quit your job?

yes the employer can hired you back IF YOU AGREE

Can you collect unemployment for quitting a job because employer does not adhere to medical restriction?

This is Canadian Law: An employer cannot fire an employee if they are ill and when that employee returns to work they can change jobs in the company where they can cope. If you quit a job then the employer has no responsibility towards that employee.

Can your job fire you for asking to use them as a job reference?

Your employer can fire you with or without reason, unless it violates a statute.

Can an employer fire you for a diagnosed medical condition?

NO! Definitely not if your medical condition is effecting your work you can choose to quit but they cannot fire you .

Does your employer need to find you another job if they fire you?

No, they are under no obligation to find you a job.

Can a person seize your tools from an employer if you quit that job?

Not if they're your own tools - that would be theft.

Do you qualify for unemployment insurance if you quit your job to follow your husband to Colorado?

No. not if you quit. For one to collect UI, they must have been laid off by the employer. The UI office will verify the information with the employer. If you voluntarily quit, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance.

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