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If you really love her must you tell her or is it enough that sees it in your actions?

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November 03, 2010 5:29AM

I think that you should show her that u love her cause actions

speak louder then words but then again a lot of girls don't pay

enough attention so u might wanna just tell her. But basically show

and tell her.


Does she love you? If she does you should be able to say it with

ease. Your actions can be interpreted in many different ways,

either in a positive or negative light. Words are very straight

forward, and can be as vague, subtle, or extreme as you want it to

be. For example, "People say hate is a strong word and that we

shouldn't use it, but love is a strong word too; should we use it?"

Not saying this has anything to do towards the question given, but

merely an example of what I just said.

Every action you take is like placing a bet on roulette, (that

game with a ball and spinning numbers, yeah you know, that one).

The more extreme you are the less likely your going to get a

positive outcome, but also the more likely you are to find yourself

in her eyes.

So in general, actions are for people who are not well with

expressing how they feel and words are for people who can easily

read a mood and not ruin a relationship by just opening their


From my experience I would match my actions with my words, don't

contradict yourself.

Brought to you by the failure of a student counselor in high

school, who effectively ended many relationships, but also started

as many.



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