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Food provides the energy and nutrients you need to be healthy. Nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

For spinach specifically, sauteing before cooking further may lessen the nutritional value but would not totally deplete the value. Here is one tip for getting the most nutrients from spinach: Iron and calcium in plant foods are not highly absorbed by the body. Spinach contains a chemical called oxalic acid, which binds with iron and calcium and reduces the absorption of these minerals. To improve iron absorption, spinach should be eaten with vitamin C-rich foods such as Orange Juice, tomatoes, or citrus fruit.

This does not always hold for all vegetables, however. For guidelines on cooking techniques to preserve the most nutrients in most vegetables and greens, consider these rules of thumb:

  • The less time spent cooking, the more nutrients are preserved.
  • Avoid boiling, but if boiling is the only option, be sure to use the minimum amount of water and put the vegetables in the water only after it is briskly boiling.
  • Soaking in the pan of water before the boiling point is reached (or even soaking during pre-cooking cleaning processes) will allow some losses of nutrients into the water. After boiling, reserve the cooking liquids where many of the nutrients have leached, for use in other ways, such as in stocks or soups and gravies.
  • Most studies indicate that steaming vegetables is the best cooking method to preserve nutrients, and second best is to stir fry.
  • Generally, fresh greens like spinach, contain the most nutrients when eaten raw.
  • The longer the time period between harvest and use, the more likely nutritional value has decreased even before cooking. Always use the freshest vegetables available; choosing those 'in season' can help assure freshness.
  • Cooking can deplete the available nutritional content, especially when prepared in certain ways. Boiling, for example, can leave behind many nutrients in the cooking liquid (see above). If you must boil vegetables, reserve the cooking liquids for use later (refrigerate for short term or freeze for longer term storage). Freezing the left over liquids in ice cube trays and then storing in zipper bags in the freezer can provide convenient small amounts of valuable vitamin-rich liquids to use to substitute in other recipes as needed.
  • Quick cooking, like in stir fry or steaming, will deplete less than boiling, braising or other longer methods of cooking. Some believe that the quick cooking at high heat, like stir fry, of some vegetables (not including tender greens like spinach) will seal in juices to prevent them from leaching along with their vitamins and other nutrients as they cook. However, if you stir fry and then later continue to cook for long periods, especially by boiling or braising after the quick fry, there will still be a loss of nutrients.
  • With some vegetables, you can blanche first for a few seconds in boiling salted water and then remove from the boiling water and immediately plunge in ice water and that will 'set' some of the nutrients. This works especially well for broccoli (and will allow it to maintain its bright green color like you see in Asian cooking). You can then reheat quickly in a stir fry to provide crisp cooked pieces that retain more nutrients.
  • Specifically with broccoli and foods in the grouping with broccoli (cabbage, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc.) which are rich in cancer-preventing nutrients, there is evidence in very recent preliminary studies to suggest that the availability of the cancer-preventing qualities is enhanced by cooking rather than the reverse that has been the previous conventional thinking. More studies are continuing on this finding.
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What is the present tense of saute?

It is actually the same thing, so the present tense is still saute.

Does water have nutritional value?

None at all, but it is still essential.

Is the Maxim Healthy Saute FR2 still available?

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How do you saute new potatoes?

To saute new potatoes, first you par boil for about 5 to 8 minutes until they are just about cooked, then slice the big ones and cut the smaller ones in half length ways, then gently fry (saute) in a little butter or olive oil until golden brown, drain on kitchen paper to remove excess fat then serve whilst still hot.

Are cooked veggies healthy?

They are not as healthy as raw vegetables but they still have a fraction of their nutritional value.

Nutritional elements of food?

Protein, Vitamins, Carbohydrate, Fibre and Fat

Do you know of any recipes for the diabetic that still taste good?

An excellent recipe for the diabetic is a spinach and mixed greens salad. It consists of spinach, romain lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and a light dressing.

Is spinach good to eat after freshness date?

it's still good but it CAN'T BE EATEN AFTER EXPIRED DATE!

Why should you follow the nutritional guidelines?

Nutritional guidelines offer a healthy way to eat to keep the body in good condition. These guidelines give a way to have a variety in the diet and still be healthy.

Can you get food poisoning from old spinach?

I think i just got sick myself from eating old spinach. It didn't smell fresh but i chanced it anyways, it not being theTRIPLE-WASHED spinach that I usually buy, but i washed it myself and ate it. Now it is two days later i have bathroom sickness, it went away then came back. It felt like I was going to puke but nothing came up. NOTE: If you can smell the spinach and it has a smell other than like a regular leaves ......then DON'T eat it. Spinach that is still fresh doesn't have a strong smell. Old spinach does.

Can spinach be frozen?

Yes, but when you defrost or cook it from frozen it will go really mushy. Still tastes the same though.

How can you neutralize the flavor of raw onion in a recipe?

cut up onion & saute it in butter until tender. that will neutralize the strong taste, but still add flavor

Do you still get nutrition from fruit if you eat it with protein?

Yes. Protein does not diminish the nutritional value of fruits and/or vegetables.

Is spinach toxic to dogs?

I'm not sure but I think so.... Still it's not good to feed dogs table scraps.

What is the history about spinach?

Spinach originated in central and southwest Asia, where it may have been domesticated from the wild Spinacia tetranda, which is still gathered as an edible green in what is now Turkey. The first references to spinach are from the Sasanian Empire (about 226-640 A.D.) in Persia (what is now Iran). Arab traders brought spinach into India, and in 647 A.D., spinach was sent as a gift from the king of Nepal to China, where it is still known as the "Persian green."Spinach does not grow well in hot weather, but Islamic farmers used sophisticated irrigation techniques to successfully cultivate it in the Mediterranean regions, probably as early as the 8th century A.D.. Spinach became a popular vegetable in the Islamic Mediterranean. It reportedly arrived in Italy in 847 A.D. In Venice, cooks integrated Muslim flavoring techniques by using pine nuts and raisins in spinach dishes. Spinach appears in three 10th-century Arabian texts, one medical and two agricultural. It arrived in Spain by the 11th or 12th century. A popular dish in Islamic Cordoba was reportedly sajina, also called ásida, a kind of watery soup made with wheat flour cooked with spinach.In Turkey, spinach was known by the 13th century, if not earlier, and was popular with the Seljuk Turks. The Italians were important for promoting the role this new vegetable played in the Mediterranean diet, as they favored spinach in their gardens beginning in the 13th century. Mediterranean Jews, the Sephardim, were also fond of spinach and prepared dishes such as shpongous, a savory casserole that was customary on Shavuot, the holiday fifty days after Passover celebrating the Palestinian harvest and the anniversary of the giving of the Law. In 13th-century Damascus, burani was a popular spinach dish of Persian origin. The prickly-seeded form of spinach was known in Germany by the 13th century.Spinach first appeared in England in the 14th century, probably via Spain. In fact, for a while, spinach was known as "the Spanish vegetable" in England. It gained quick popularity because it appeared in early spring, when other vegetables were scarce and when Lenten dietary restrictions discouraged consumption of other foods. Spinach is mentioned in the first known English cookbook, The Forme of Cury (1390), where it is referred to as spinnedge and/or spynoches.Spinach was first mentioned in a German cookbook sometime in 1485. When spinach reached Provence in the 15th century, it became the second most popular vegetable, behind cabbage. In 1533, Catherine de' Medici became queen of France. She brought many vegetables with her from Florence, but her favorite was spinach: she reportedly insisted it be served at every meal. To this day, dishes prepared on a bed of spinach are referred to as "a la Florentine."In 1614, Giangiacomo Castelvetro wrote Breve Racconto di Tutte le Radici di Tutte l'Herbe et di Tutti i Frutti (A Brief Account of All Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit), in which he called for spinach to be used as the stuffing for tortelli.In the 17th century, English philosopher John Locke reported having had a spinach and herb soup during his travels in southwestern France.Bernard McMahon from Philadelphia listed three types of Spinach in his broadside catalog in 1804. In 1809 and 1812, Thomas Jefferson cultivated spinach at Monticello, but the dark leafy green vegetable only became popular in the U.S. in the late 19th century.With the advent of canning and freezing, spinach became much more popular throughout the world and is now available in many countries that did not have a suitable climate to produce it. As people learned of its many nutritional advantages, spinach increased in popularity worldwide. In the 1930s, the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor promoted the consumption of spinach, and boosted its popularity, especially among children. During World War I, wine fortified with spinach juice was given to French soldiers weakened by hemorrhage.

Is a green cabbage that turned yellow in fridge still edible?

Absolutely. It just won't have quite the nutritional value it had when it was really fresh. But it will still provide a lot of vitamins that green vegetables provide.

How do you keep spinach fresh?

I have found the best way to keep spinach fresh is to treat it like flowers. I put in a jug of fresh water which I change daily. You can keep it either in the refrigerator or away from direct sunlight on the kitchen bench. With that said I still try to use it as quickly as possible

Which leafy vegetable is rich in uric acid?

Spinach is relatively rich in purines compared to other vegetables, however it is still very low on the purine list.

What is a sentence using the word detest?

Most people detest having their taxes raised. Children who eat other green vegetables may still detest spinach.

How are muffins nutritional?

Muffins are nutritional because you can control what you put into them. They are very versatile. You can substitute apple sauce for part of the butter, use plain or Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, use whole wheat flour instead of white flour, add ground flax or wheat germ and you still end up with a great muffin. You can also add fruit, nuts or berries to boost the nutritional value.

Do you need to take bodybuilding supplements, if you do bodybuilding?

You don't need to take body-building supplements if you don't do any bodybuilding. However, that being said, you still need to follow good nutritional practices. Consuming whole grains and high-nutrient vegetables like carrots, spinach, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli will go a long way toward having less unwanted fat, making workouts easier and more productive.

Can you boil garlic and it still be potent?

No. Dont boil garlic. If needed, add a little oil to the pot and saute the garlic first then add the water and whatever ingredients you like. Boiling it will give you a rubbery bland peice of garlic.

What did Brenda song do before she was famous?

She was still young before she was famour. She was a kid.

Can you substitute green tea bag for green tea powder?

If you are looking for equal health benefits... no. Powdered green tea is higher in antioxidants and its other nutritional components. I still recommend the tea bag because it still has the benefits and is cheaper.

What country uses prickly pear cactus extensively?

An important part of the Mexican culture for centuries, prickly pear cactus is still being used there for medicinal and nutritional purposes.