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go shoot his ass


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Q: If you send a certified letter to a collection agency and they refuse letter what do you do next?
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Can a collection agency sue if you do not refuse to pay?

If you are not refusing to pay and you pay the debt, they would have no reason to sue you. If you refuse to pay a valid debt, they may advise their client to sue you depending on what state you are in and what the laws are there. Some states only allow original creditors to sue and not the collection agency.

Can employer refuse verification of employment to collection agency?

Yes, if it is just an inquiry. The employer cannot, however disregard an order from the court.

Can collection agencies take you to the court?

Absolutely they can ! The only reason a person needs to deal with a collection agency, is because they defaulted on payments to the original company. That company passed the account to a debt-recovery agency, who paid the sum YOU owe to the original company. If you simply refuse to pay the collection agency, they have the legal right to take you to court to recover the debt !

Can a debt collector leave numerous phone messages but never send the initial collection letter in the mail?

Absolutely. However, if you want the calls to stop, all you have to do is send a letter to the collection agency requesting only written correspondence. This has to be done in writing and the agencies have to abide by the request. If they refuse to give you an address to which you can send the letter, you can report them under the Fair Debt Collection act. They can, but if you tell them not to call you anymore they have to stop calling you.

Is it okay to tell collection agencies person they are calling for is in prison?

You do not have to give a collection agency any information at all. You are perfectly in you right to refuse to give them information. However, deliberately giving them false information is fraud.

What has the author Kim M Kinville written?

Kim M. Kinville has written: 'Proper handling procedures for refuse collection' -- subject(s): Refuse and refuse disposal, Refuse collection, Safety measures

If you refuse to pay a doctor referred by a 'if we do not win you do not pay' lawyer who took a car accident case will it hurt your credit?

Is the doctor going to turn the account over to a collection agency? A collection account would hurt your credit. Is the collection agency going to sell the account to another agency, thus extending the time period it shows on your credit report? If they do, it could hurt your credit for an even longer period of time.

Can a collection agency refuse monthly payments on a repossessed car?

YES, they can refuse. Its their money and they can demand it any way way they want to. However, they only get it like YOU give it to them. LOL Fin comp never gave oppor to pay back. ???? What do they have to do to be giving you 'opportunity"??

I live in CA and Im trying to make payment arrangements with a hospital. They want me to pay 450.00 up front or they will send me to collections. If I only have 100.00 to give them can they do that?

They can. But, you owe the hospital not the collections agency. If you pay $100.00 per month to the accounting department of the hospital, they arenot likely to refuse your payment, and will apply it toward your bill. If you continue to pay the hospital and refuse to discuss anything with the collection agency when they begin to call you, your bill is likely going to be paid in full by the time the collection agency can do anything but send you letters and call. Be careful and do not pay with a personal check. Pay by postal money order only. Paying by personal check gives your banking information to the hospital who in turn can pass this on to the collection agency. In the event they eventually obtain a judgment against you, the collection agency will already have the information they need to garnish your assets.

What if I do not pay the collection agency?

There are several potential scenarios: If you simply refuse to acknowledge the colelction agency, they may simply return the debt to the creditor as unrecoverable. Not so likely. If you do not acknowledge the collection agencies efforts, and they confirm your location, they may recommend the creditor seek legal judgment against you, and proceed to recover the debt without your consent. More likely. If you acknowledge the collection agency and tell them over the telephone not to contact you further, they may return the account to the creditor as unrecoverable. Not so likely. If you acknowledge the collection agency, and request they not contact you further, the agency may take that as a refusal to pay, and recommend to the creditor to file suit. Upon successful receipt of judgment, they will recover the debt without your consent. More likely. If you write to the collection agency that they not contact you further, suggesting in your correspondence that the debt is invalid, the collection agency may return it to the creditor as unrecoverable. Not very likely. If you write to the collection agency to no longer contact you, for any reason or no reason at all, the collection agency will contact the creditor to confirm the debt, and recommend upon confirmation to seek legal action, obtain a judgment, and take your assets. Most likely. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to pay the collection agency by any law in any state. You are however obligated to pay the original creditor.

If you are willing to make payments on a debt can a collection agency refuse the payments and continue to harass you?

A collection agency is not hired to get the amount paid in payments they are paid to get the amount in full. At this point the place you originally owed the money to and did not pay may or may not be willing to take payments being that they have now hired the collection agency to get the money from you. YOu can call the original creditor and tell them you are willing to pay and if they say no then you must pay the collection agency, I have never heard of any of them taking payments. When they get hired they try to collect as much as possible of the owed amount so they can get a higher commission. They dont want payments they want money in full....

Name some refuse storage problem in your home community and school?

in communities with publics refuse collection systems, refuse collection involves two procedures: 1. pick-up or gathering refuse from houses,institutions, and other establishments. 2. transportation of the collected refuse to the final disposal site. -- tonta maLi ito ....

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