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So long as your apartment is paid and current, such leases will not appear on your credit report. However, should you or the person you are guaranteeing become delinquent, there are several ways in which this information can appear on the credit report. In some states, landlords work directly with collection agencies, in which case it would show up a a delinquency and tarnish your score. In other situations, your name may be mention as a party to an eviction or legal proceeding, something which may show up in other searches that accompany credit reports, such as eviction history, or certain criminal background checks. The best suggestion is if you don't have to guarantee or cosign, don't do it unless you can afford to pay for that person should they become delinquent on their obligations.

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Q: If you sign an apartment lease as a cosigner and you will not be living at the apartment will this show up on your credit report?
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If you have a cosigner on your apartment lease will your credit be affected as much as it would if you did not have a cosigner?

Renting an apartment or home will not show up on your credit. That just builds up rental history for yourself. The only time a renter will ever report you to a credit agency is if you move out with a balance that was not paid within 14 to 30 days of your move out.

Can you remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgment on the repossession?

No you cannot remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgement on the repossession.

If you get a cosigner when purchasing a car will it show up in your credit report or the cosigner's credit report?

It will appear on the CR of both parties.

Who do you contact for a cosigner information to show up on their credit report?

You don't have to contact anyone. The lender will report information on the primary borrower, cosigner, joint owner, guarantor, and other relationships.

If you rent an apartment at 17 in Florida and break the lease agreement can it be placed on your credit report and how long does it stay on report?

A seventeen year old would not be allowed to rent an apt. even with a cosigner. If they did so by claiming to be of legal age, it would be considered a fraudulent act and the debt could be deemed valid. The possiblity of a bad credit report is not relevant.

Does the primary borrower receive any benefit to their credit rating when there is a cosigner on the loan?

This debt will appear on your credit report as a joint debt. It will bare just as much weight on your credit report as if it were in your name alone.

Will balances still appear on your credit report after taking out a loan for your sister and letting her use your credit cards if she can't get credit on her own and you have to co-sign?

Yes, as a cosigner you will be responsible for the debt, so it will reflect on your credit report.

How do you add if you can your apartment rent payments to your credit score?

Your landlord would have to report payments to the credit bureau.

How does a late payment on an apartment lease affect your credit rating?

Late Payment on Apartment LeaseA lease will not show on your credit report; unless there was a judgment against you.

If one files bankruptcy and has a co-signer will if affect their credit rating?

If the account the cosigner is on is included in the bankruptcy it will appear on their credit report. In most cases the cosigner will not be relieved of the debt when the primary holder files for bankruptcy. The creditor(s) can then pursue the cosigner for the collection of money owed.

When you cosign for a vehicle will it be on your credit report and therefore effect the cosigner when they attempt to make a major purchase in the future?

Yes, all action on the part of the primary borrower will be reflected on the cosigner's credit report.

If you were to cosign for a rental agreement how will your credit be affected and how does one get removed as cosigner?

The way it may impact on the credit report depends on if the person pays the rent as agreed. It will also play a part in the cosigner's DTI. Usually the only way of being removed as a cosigner is if the agreement is reaffirmed by the primary holder and the lender. In the instance of rental agreements, a cosigner can sometimes be relieved of obligation if there is a breach of contract. For example, if the person moves someone not on the original rental contract into the apartment.

What if the bankruptcy not discharged can it affect renting a apartment?

yes and it is on your credit report for 10 years.

Can a credit provider report a guarantor to credit reporting agencies based on the defaults committed by the principal?

If you're talking about a cosigner, then yes. The cosigner's credit gets dinged also. Be careful about who you cosign for.

Will being a cosigner for an auto loan show up on your credit report?

yes it will, as a co-signer you are held just as responsible as the primary loan holder and it will appear on your credit report no matter if the payments are made on time or if they are late.

How can you check your rental history without paying anything?

Go to an apartment place and ask them that you are interested in an apartment with them but you want to make sure your rental history report is clean. And then ask them to print one up. And it will be mailed to you. Check your credit report. Once a year you can request your credit report from the major credit reporting agencies Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

Is the primary on a loan obligated to pay back a cosigner if the cosigner pays off the loan without the knowledge of the primary?

YES !!! He/she should certainly discuss it with the cosigner. It may be a gift or it may just be that the cosigner doesn't want to have that note appearing on his/her credit report. Whatever the reason, even if the cosigner did it as a gift, the primary should acknowledge and express appreciation. But be prepared if the cosigner expects the loan to be paid back.

When renting an apartment does it show on your credit report?

When you fill out an application for credit, one of the questions is Rent? Own? That answer will show on your credit report right next to your address. Whether you paid rent on time won't show in your list of creditors.

Where can one get a free credit report in the UK?

A free credit report for people living in the United Kingdom may be found at the following websites: Experian, Free Credit Report 4 U, Annual Credit Report and Equifax. Always remember that UK websites end in "".

Is co-signer's credit affected if loan is not approved?

The cosigner evidently didn't have great credit either, since the loan didn't get approved. It will still reflect on the cosigners credit report that they applied for a loan. Multiple inquiries will reduce your credit score.

Can a company not report good credit but will report bad credit?

Technically, yes, but usually this is not the case. Most major companies will post the good and the bad, particularly credit card companies and banks. Other companies will only report the negative, such as utility companies, apartment rental companies, etc.

How would breaking a lease on an apartment two months early impact your credit rating or fico score?

If the landlord goes to court to obtain a judgment on the unpaid two months rent, this will show up on your credit report. Any time an account is unpaid, in collections, judgment or late, your credit report will take a hit. This may hinder you from obtaining another apartment as that information may be listed under adverse which can remain on your credit report for 7 years.

If you made a couple of late payments on your apartment will this affect your cosigner's credit rating?

Yes, If the co-signer gets "dinged" on the credit report just like they where the signer

What does RPI-LD stand for an a credit report?

RPI-LD = Real Pages Inc. They are a resource through which landlords check the credit scores of potential apartment renters.

If you rent an apartment in Florida and break the lease agreement then move to NJ how long will it stay on your credit report?

I believe that credit report entiries are valid for up to 7 years, but it may depend on the circumstances and just how much default was involved.