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Depending on your state, the LENDER can get a JUDGEMENT and attach your "paid for" car(or anything else of value in your name) so when you sell it, they will get paid first.

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Q: If you still owe for a car that was repossessed three years ago can they take your new vehicle that is fully paid for?
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How many days does a vehicle have to be past due before it can be repossessed?

three months

Can a vehicle be repossessed if it is blocked in the driveway by another vehicle?

If you have not paid your loan, your vehicle is repossessed. If your vehicle is parked illegally, such as in front of a driveway or in a no parking zone, it is impounded. In both cases, a police report should have been turned in to the local police department. With an impounded vehicle you generally have a parking ticket, a towing fee, and a storage fee. All three must be paid before you get your vehicle back. Next time walk an extra block.

Can you be sued over the balance of a vehicle that has been voluntarily repossessed over three years ago when the repossession is on your credit report?

yes it has a 10 year limit

Is having your car repossessed a class three felony?


How many days must a vehicle loan be late before it is repossessed?

They usually repossess when you miss two or three payments. They seldom repossess if you've just missed one.

In a three vehicle accident vehicle one hits vehicle two and vehicle two hits vehicle three is there a chain of command where vehicle three gets paid from vehicle two or can vehicle three sue vehicle?

I am sure that it depends in what state you live, but in Oregon it is always the person that hit you, who insurance would pay. i.e. vehicle one, pays vehicle two.... and vehicle two pays vehicle three.

What has to happen before a creditor can have your care repossessed?

A car cannot be repossessed until the owner has missed several car payments and the owner has been notified of late payments. In most states a car can be repossessed after three months of non-payment.

How much time must the lender allow the borrower before a vehicle is repossessed?

I believe if you haven't paid in three months they can repossess your vehicle in Utah. *The state does not require a Right To Cure notice be sent to the borrower. The lender may recover the vehicle whenever the contract is in default. UCC laws apply, and the vehicle can be recovered by any means that does not constitute a breach of peace. The plates remain with the borrower/debtor.

How much time in the state of Massachusetts do you have until your car is repossessed?

Three months of non-payment

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