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If you take a HPT and after the 3 minutes there is a very faint line in the positive box but then after 10 minutes it is a dark line does that mean positive?


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2015-07-15 19:23:02
2015-07-15 19:23:02

I would consider that positive. But if you are unsure, take another test.


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For me it was the first test I took of 3 and it was a positive. If you look at the lines, it would be negative if there was a dark (-) negative line but the dark line for me was (|) up n'down.

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if its within the ten minutes any faint line appears is a positive line

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a faint line means a weak positive a strong line means a strong positive

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It depends on the pregnancy test, but usually it means a positive results. Congrats!

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As long as there is a line in the result window, even if faint, it is positive for pregnancy.

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