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Generally civil actions such as marriage does not impact a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. However it is not likely that would apply in the situation cited, as the person apparently is already involved in legal difficulties with authorities. In such a case it is likely that once the non-citizen has presented the required identification, local authorities will be notified and in turn will contact USCIS or ICE. Please be advised, using false identification to obtain any legal document including a marriage license is against the law. Any such action, when discovered will result in both parties being taken into custody and charged with a criminal offense(s).

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Q: If you want to marry an illegal immigrant who has had legal trouble will they check his record and try to send him back if you go to the courthouse?
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Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

Are illegal immigrants deported to their country?

Yes, usually. But there are many ways an illegal immigrant can make it difficult to get sent back. In order to to be let back into their country they need a passport. If the passport is "lost", or the illegal immigrant never had one and managed to get in without one there is then a problem. The government has to prove the person is who they say are in order for the embassy of that country to give them a new passport. The illegal immigrant has no papers. This can take weeks or months, during which you either have to keep the illegal immigrant in prison at the taxpayers expense, or let them out on bail, then they run away. If the illegal immigrant never had a passport, it is even more difficult to prove where they came from. The illegal immigrant can give a false name, and a false nationality. A mexican could claim to be Spanish. The Spanish then say they have no record of somebody of that name, and refuse to accept them. It can cost a lot of time and money to deport an illegal immigrant.

If you have a criminal record can you marry an illegal immigrant in TX?

The first thing to realize is that they are an ILLEGAL immigrant. Which means they are in the country without permission and the necessary documents. Which also means they can be deported at any time. Can you get married? Few, if any, places ask any questions regarding citizenship or criminal history when applying for a marriage license. Which means you can get married. And then have the immigrant deported and be married to someone that you cannot live with.

Why is it important to have an immigrant checked for a criminal record?

to find out where he got it from.

Can an illegal immigrant get married to someone on an H1B visa and obtain legal dependency status?

If we are talking about a modern country it is possible but difficult. Even not being an illegal immigrant it can be difficult to get legal dependency status. The reason being is that the country that you are trying to will try to prove that you are not marrying for the reason of getting citizenship. You will have to make an convincing argument. Also you cannot have a criminal record, so if you are caught being an illegal immigrant than you have just about screwed up your chances. It is harder to leave places such as the United States, Australia, England etc than it is to get in (without a legal visa)

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How is a birth certificate signed when the baby's mother is a 17-year-old and the father is an illegal immigrant?

You both will just sign the certificate as usual. Be sure answer all questions truthfully as this is a permanent record for your baby.

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Can an illegal immigrant join the U.S military Living in the U.S. since the age of 5 (20 now) High school diploma and no criminal record at all.?

No you need to be legal to join but sometimes they do let legal imigrants join.

Can a illegal immigrant file for citizenship after commeting any felonies?

No, because an illegal alien would first need to become a green card holder and a criminal record will prevent him from getting a green card (or if he already has one- it would be cancelled). If he is in the strange situation where he has a felony record but has NOT been deported (there are cases like that) then filing a citizenship application will trigger a new background check and not only would the person be denied- but would become a priority for ICE to capture and deport. A felony record would also prevent an illegal alien from asking for cancellation of removal.

Can an illegal immigrant with a criminal record be deported if his wife and children are U.S citizens?

Yes. Any foreign national who is unlawfully present in the US is subject to deportation regardless of their marital status or whether or not they have a criminal history. However, those persons who have a criminal record in the US are not eligible for the deportation appeal process.

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