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No no my dear. The job application is asking if you have ever had a felony conviction.

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Q: If you were fined for stealing chapstick at age 16 should you say you were convicted of a crime on job applications or leave it off?
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Why should applications be permitted to ask if you are bondable or have a criminal offense?

Employers are free to exlude CONVICTED persons from employment, but not those arrested and not convicted. Hiring ex-cons is risky, and employers avoid unnecessary risk.

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How should you state on a job application that you were convicted of a misdemeanor?

Not unless it specifically asks that. Most job applications that ask about criminal record usually only ask about felony convictions.

If you were certified as an adult on criminal charges how do you answer the felony question on job applications?

Unless you were convicted of a felony (i.e. sentenced to more than 11 months, 29 days in jail), you should answer it "no."

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a misdemenor ISNT considered a crime The correct answer is YES. If the question is have you been convicted of a crime. If the question is have you been convicted of a felony then your answer should be no.

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