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If you were fired from your last job after 3 months for standing up to a foul mouthed customer what should you put on an application form?


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There are a lot of things you can do. One you can not put the last job on the application or resume. You were only there for three months so it wasn't a long time in between jobsand if an employer asks about that time period explain the circumstances. If your applying for a job that isn't customer related you can put down the reason as left for customer relations reasons. If your not in a custom related field this isn't a big deal and you can explain that this is the reason you found out that you were not suited for this kind of job. Another way is to leave the section of why you left blank and explain if asked in the interview. The final way is to ask to speak to the hiring manager before you fill out the application. You can ask about there policies on irate customers and see if this will be a problem in the future and explain the problem you had at the former job that will help you see if it will be a problem. This will also help you see if the company is willing to stand up for its employees if another customer is abusive or using inappropriate language. You do not want to work for a company who would let their employees be abused in that way.


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