If you were honorably discharged in February 1961 from the Army after serving from 1958 would you be considered a Vietnam vet?

Unless you actually served in Viet Nam you are not a Viet Nam Veteran. You are considered a Veteran. I served from 1964-1967 and never was sent to Viet Nam, but was sent to Germany. I am a Veteran but not a Viet Nam Veteran.

Additional info

Vietnam vets are vets that served from 1964 to 1975 and received the Vietnam Service Metal (VSM ). The military had regulations covering who received the VSM. So since you did not serve during those dates, you would not be eligible for the VSM and therefore not considered a Vietnam Veteran. (If you had served anytime from 1964 to 1975 and had not received the VSM, you would be referred to as a Vietnam Era Veteran.