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Firstly, it would tell me that this guy is detrmined to have you. i.e.: possessive. A girl who might like a little possessiveness in a guy to show her that he cares would most probably like it. BUT, you were the one who told him you had another guy friend. Was that meant to incite some sort of jealousy, to see his reaction? Because most girls have guy friends. When he says "step up his game" it shows he is willing to do alot more to win you over. It can make you feel desired and loved. However, beware that this is not just a game on both parts.

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Q: If you were trying to be honest with a guy and talking about having another male friend not a boyfriend and he says he guesses he will have to step his game up how would that make you feel?
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What do you do if you have a boyfriend and your best friend always talks to him and you get extremely jealous of her talking to your boyfriend?

First, you should tell your friend and your boyfriend in a calm manner that you are jealous. If this person really is your friend, she'll make sure that she's talking not flirting with your boyfriend. I would tell him how I feel and then I would tell her how I feel and if it doesn't change, she's not your friend or he's not your friend; but that's okay because maybe you'll find another awesome guy.

Im talking to someone and he stopped talking to one his friend but his friend calls you to hang outshould you stop talkin to him 2?

It's always tough when you feel forced to choose between a friend and your boyfriend. But I have to wonder why he and your boyfriend stopped talking. Could it be that your boyfriend is suspicious that his friend was trying to steal you away? If that's the case, maybe it would be better for you to stop talking to the friend. At least that's what I'd do to avoid trouble with my boyfriend.

What do you do if your boyfriend cheated on you for your bestfrind?

You find another boyfriend and another best friend.

How should i tell my boyfriend im talking to another guy without him thinking that i like him?

just tell ur boyfriend that he is just a friend and that u don't have any feelings for him

I was talking to my friend at school by my locker then my boyfriend came and I madeout with him for a long time why is my friend mad at me?

Your friend is mad because you completely ditched her/him for your boyfriend. You were talking to them then your boyfriend came and you completely ignored your friend. You will have to be more considerate in future; it is not polite to just make out with your boyfriend in the middle of a conversation. You should think about this before you talk to your friend and try to see through their eyes.

What do you do if your best friend was zapped by your other friend to kiss your boyfriend and your friend did it and you wanted to kiss your boyfriend but it seems screwed and pointless now?

talk to your boyfriend about it. i think u should just stop talking to your friend cause dat is just disrespectful to you and your boyfriend!!!!!!!

Why does your friend always have one boyfriend after another?


What do you do if your friend that's a girl is talking to your boyfriend a lot on the phone?

talk to your friend, tell her to back off. either that, or if she's hitting on your boyfriend then she isn't a true friend.

A sentence with the word garb?

i went to garb my best friend from talking to my boyfriend.

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get another girl?

A person usually knows if he's using you when their boyfriend doesn't really pay attention to you. Rather than talking about you and him, he would rather ask more about your friend or you can notice if he stares more at your friend rather than you. :)

What should you do if your boyfriend wants you to stop talking to your best friend who is also you a guy?

You could tell him that your best friend is important to you and you love him just in a different way, and you are not going to stop talking to him just because he is a guy. When your boyfriend explains to you that he is jealous of him --or afraid of it becoming more than just a friendship, then you should tell him that relationships take trust, and that he should trust you if he wants to be with you. Promise him that your best friend is just a best friend, not another boyfriend. Hang out with both of them together sometime, and kiss your boyfriend in front of your best friend, show your boyfriend that you he is important to you in a way that differs from your best friend. Don't stop talking to your best friend for a guy that will eventually dump you anyway. If he can't trust you, you won't be able to hold on to the relationship very long. (at least, not happily)

What should you do if a friend is trying to break-up a girlfriend and boyfriend and she is getting another girl to work with her in this?

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

What are the signs of my best friend is flirting with my boyfriend?

She is always arguing with him and talking with him and they are really close

Why would a guy lie to his girlfriend about talking to another girl who he claims is just a friend?

Although a guy tells his girlfriend that a girl he was talking to is just a friend, some woman do not believe there boyfriend, or are still jealous of the other girl. So some guys will lie about talking to the girl so as not to upset there girlfriend.

Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with another friend?

Unless the ex boyfriend was part of the problem then no, you should not involve your ex boyfriend while resolving your problems with your friend.

What if your best friend ex boyfriend smacked you on the but?

Tell your friend. She will find out one way or another

What to do about a friend with a boyfriend who you don't like?

Just try talking to the friend. Explain that you don't like their boyfriend & be sure to explain why. Whatever you do, do NOT try to interfere or get someone else to interfere. Just talk to your friend & try not to upset them.

You like you friend but she has a boyfriend and she says she only likes you as a friend but gets jealous when you're with another girl?

she wants you to still be in love with her, even if she has a boyfriend.

What does it mean if your friend likes your boyfriend?

not a true friend.If your friend likes your boyfriend, obviously they want your sloppy seconds & they are jelous of you. Make sure you explain to them that he is yours & MAYBE if yall break up they can start talking , but i would find a new friend.

What should you do if your best friend and boyfriend like each other?

Leave them both and stop talking to them

Your boyfriend is always talking about is friend when you have a date he always shows up?

You need to tell your boyfriend how you feel. That you don't like how his friend shows up on all your dates. If he really likes you he will tell his friend to back of a little bit.

What if your boyfriend denies who you are to friends?

Then be suspicious. He may have another girl friend.

Do you ask talking to a friend or talking with a friend?

talking with a friend

How do you make my boyfriend jelouse?

my friend is doing the same exact thing ! What you need to do is first stop talking or seeing him alot . Then if he sees you , make sure you talk with another guy friend . Sooner or later ,he'll start to get jealous .

How do you say friends in finnish?

You are kaveri to your friend and ystävä to your very good friend, but when you're talking about boyfriend/girlfriend it's poikaystävä/tyttöystävä then.