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Your automatic clutches inside the transmission is failing. You will need to have the transmission rebuilt, or just replace it with a new one. That decision will be left up to you.

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Q: If your 1988 Gran Prix will pull in 1st and 2nd but not in reverse drive or over-drive is this some simple to fix or will you need a new transmission?
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1996 gmc jimmy no overdrive reverse or second?

Tom here, my 1996 jimmy 4 4wheel drive has no 2nd, reverse or overdrive?

When racing do you drive in drive or overdrive?

Neither. Racing is almost always in manual transmission.

Is eaton fuller rtlo-20918b direct or overdrive transmission?

Overdrive. The "O" in "RTLO" indicates that, and the transmission in question has a final drive ratio of .73.

Why does my 1996 mercury grand Marquis go in reverse but not drive?

Your 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis may need a new transmission or something as simple as transmission fluid.

Car will reverse but not drive?

transmission is gone.

Transmission pulsing in overdrive on Pontiac Grand Prix?

What is the difference between overdrive and drive on a1991 Pontiac grand prix

What is the function of overdrive in automatic transmission car?

An overdrive transmission allows for less engine speed and thus greater engine economy. When in overdrive the transmission has a gear drive of less than then the engines speed. In the General Motors 4L60E Hydramatic transmission for example, in overdrive gear (4th) the transmission has a ratio of . 70. This means for each 1 rotation of the crankshaft, the output shaft of the transmission rotates . 7.

Which type of transmission drive is noiseless?

An electric drive motor which can propel you like a transmission is very close to silent in comparison. To go in reverse just reverse the polarity.

What is the problem when the car will not go in reverse or go in drive the transmission fluid is still full?

what is the problem when the car will not go in drive or reverse? and the transmission fluid is still full

What does D stand for in automatic transmission?

Drive. If it has a circle around it, it has automatic overdrive.

Examples of simple gear with idler?

Most rear wheel drive Pick up trucks with manual transmission have an idler to provide reverse.

700R4 transmission has 1st and 2nd gear but won't shift into drive or overdrive?

you have burnt out the 3rd. gear and overdrive. you will have to have it rebuilt or replaced.

Car goes reverse but not drive?

Get new transmission

Your truck reverse and turns on but it will not drive what could it be?

The transmission

Car will move in reverse but not drive?

bad transmission

Your truck wont go in drive only reverse and drive low is it the whole transmission?

You are probably low on transmission fluids

Your overdrive light kept flashing then your 2000 ford windstar se began having a hard time accelerating afterwards it would not drive or reverse whats wrong?

Transmission problem. Take it to a professional.

Why does my car run in reverse but not in drive?

your transmission needs repaired

Why wont your 77 ford transmission shift into over drive?

Mainly because the C6 transmission only has 3 gears and no overdrive.

Your 93 explorer auto transmission goes into reverse but not drive what can you do?

This could indicate a simple problem with the vacuum shift modulator or a major failure with the transmission. You will probably need to get it to a mechanic or a shop to get it properly diagnosed.

I am having a problem with my transmission it won't go in reverse and takes off in drive like lugging?

your transmission is about to go, usually reverse goes first

Why wouldn't a transmission go into reverse but goes into drive just fine?

It means the reverse clutch pack has gone out in your transmission and needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

What does it mean when the transmission clicks while it is in reverse?

It could be as simple as a slight imperfection in one of the gears or it could be an indication that the drive shaft or "half shaft" is worn.

The transmission on your 2001 grand prix se will not shift into drive or overdrive only reverse first and second what could be causing this i have changed the fluid and filter and checked the vent?

You need a new transmision, your gears are shot.

What causes 2004 Chevy half ton four wheel drive pickup Auto Transmission to slip in drive and not reverse?

a blown transmission