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Well you could have a blown head gasket,cracked head or block, or a combination of the above. Though I would go with the head gasket or cracked head first. You can remove the heads and have them checked if the come back clean and you could see breaks or cracks in the gasket then that's prob. your problem, if they are ok then you will have to have your block checked.. If you aren't able to do this yourself then ask around to friends and coworkers and get recommedations for good mechanics. Basically check your cost on a swap out motor and the actual repairs and make your decision..

Check the heads first. It would probably be cheaper then a complete engine swap.

It may be an intake gasket leak. Head or intake gaskes are still less than a motor.

That 3.4 GM engine is famous for losing upper and lower intake manifold gaskets. I learned it the hard way. good luck

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Q: If your 1995 Camaro 3.4 V6 is overheating no white smoke still runs okay but there is water in the oil should you change engine or just head gasket?
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Does change in the radiator makes a head gasket burst?

Yes, if the radiator is clogged and the engine overheats. The main cause of head gasket failure is the engine overheating.

How do you change the oil pan gasket on a 1998 camaro v6?

To change the oil pan gasket u need to raise the engine about a foot in order to get to the oil pan .

Smoking and Burning oil smell from back of engine car overheating?

if the engine is smoking and overheating the head gasket is blown or you popped a freeze plug

What causes a head gasket to crack?

A faulty gasket, overheating of the engine or old age. Or, a combination of any of these causes.

1995 Camaro 3.4 V6 is overheating white smoke?

white smoke blown head gasket that's for sure..........................................................

Do i have to lift engine to replace oil pan gasket on a camaro 350 engine?

You will more then likely have to pull the engine OUT to do that.

What happens if you overheat a Kia sportage until the engine shuts down?

Overheating an engine can cause the engine to see up resulting in a complete engine failure. Overheating the engine can cause the head gasket to fail.

What causes a head gasket to go bad?

The most common cause is the engine overheating.

What would cause gaskets to blow on water pump?

The engine overheating, or a faulty gasket, or problems with hot spots in the engine.

Do you have to drop the motor on a 1995 camaro to change the head gasket?

you don't have to but it is tight in there.

How many ways can you blow a head gasket?

The main cause of a blown head gasket is engine overheating. Of course it can be a manufacturing defect but that is not common.

Where is the head gasket located in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

Sandwiched between the heads and the engine block.

How do you know if head gasket is blown on a z28 camaro?

Loss of coolant with no apparent leak, white smoke from the exhaust especially at start up, a white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap, oil level overfull, engine overheating, and possible engine miss.

How does engine coolant get into the combustion chamber?

A bad head gasket , a warped head usually from overheating , would allow engine coolant into an engine cylinder

How do you change oil pan gasket on 1995 camaro 3.4L?

You will have to remove the exaust that is in the way. then you will have to remove the motor mounts to raise the engine. after all of this then you can take the pan off.

Head gasket blown other problems related?

Failure of the cooling system is the primary cause of overheating and leads to gasket failure, and as a result causes severe overheating, which will then warp the cylinder head and possibly the engine block

How do you blow an head gasket?

Normally they blow due to engine overheating. They can sometimes blow for no apparent reason.

1999 silverado overheating coolant in oil is this most likely blown head gasket or cracked head?

Neither 1, It is a common problem with that engine for the intake gasket to leak engine coolant into the engine lifter gallery / into engine oil. Replace intake manifold gasket and change oil and FILTER a couple of times. A head gasket or cracked head will not allow engine coolant to get into the oil. If you got or over HEATED the engine like real hot then you may have blown are cracked a head but I doute it. Not common, Replace intake gasket and you'll see that the engine will be okay more then likely.

Could it be the head gasket leaking on the 1999 bonneville154000 miles?

If the engine is overheating rapidly and/or blowing oil then it could be.

What are some reasons for an engine to smoke?

Burning oil? Bad rings or valves Overheating? Bad head gasket?

What damage is there from an engine overheating?

depending on how much it overheats.... you can blow a head gasket...warp your heads ... crack your radiator..

What would cause Dense white smoke from exhaust and engine overheating?

bad head gasket , warped or cracked head

Is hard start when engine hot symptom of burnt gasket?

Not necessarily. It can be some other things, such as an ignition part that is overheating.

What can cause a head gasket to blow on a Detroit 60series diesel engine?

Overheating the engine - usually by running low on water or a waterleak causing same thing.

What could be damaged when an engine overheats?

How is your heat? Overheating can cause damage generally to head gasket, cylinder head or thermostat. See other posts regarding headgaskets in this forum. answer you can damage whole engine thru overheating but if u had no coolant leak when overheating occurred, u need to check water pump and thermostat in engine