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Depends on what failed on the emission test. HC? CO? NOx? Combination of these? Check to make sure all the vacuum lines are okay. No cracks or anything.

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Q: If your 1995 Geo Prism has failed emissions tests twice should you replace the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter?
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Why has your car failed the emissions test?

The catalytic converter is most probably broken

What does p0420 mean on your dodge 2006 5.7 truck mean?

Catalyst efficiency failure.The catalytic converter has failed.Catalyst efficiency failure.The catalytic converter has failed.

What does the code P0420 mean in a 2001 Dodge Stratus with 2.4 engine?

Catalyst efficiency below threshold, your catalytic converter may have failed.Catalyst efficiency below threshold, your catalytic converter may have failed.

What is the code p0430 on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

P0430 means:Catalyst system efficiency below thresholdFailed catalytic converter.P0430 means:Catalyst system efficiency below thresholdFailed catalytic converter.

How do you fix code P0420 on a Chrysler Town and Country?

If there are no exhaust leaks or other codes, the catalytic converter has failed. You will need to replace it.

What is the cost of emissions malfunction on a 2008 Jeep Liberty?

That depends on the malfunction. A loose cap gap could be fixed very cheaply. A failed catalytic converter can be hundreds of dollars.

Does the check engine light come on if the catalytic converter needs replacing?

A failed catalytic converter is one of hundreds of parts that can cause the check engine light to be on.

Failed emissions with a P0304 Code on 1997 Acura 25tl the mechanic said this is a catalytic converter problem but is there something else I should test first?

Code p0304 is a cylinder #3 misfire.

Why is your catalytic converter is rattling?

Two main causes: the inner parts have failed, or the outer heat shield has failed.

How do you replace catalytic converter Saturn sl2?

FIRST you find out why the OLD converter failed. If it's oil fouled, a new converter won't last long and you're just waisting money if you just replace the converter.If the converter is oil fouled, you'll need to rebuild or replace the engine first.Other than that, it's usually best to cut the exhaust line and weld in the new converter.

NOx emissions VW?

What about it? All cars will produced NOx. If it failed a e-test it will be because either the catalytic converter is done or the EGR is not working. Or if you have a VR6 then it could be a the secondary air pump not working.

Why does the 96 bronco 5.8 liter have 2 catalytic converters and can I replace it with one high flow and still pass emissions?

We have a 1993 Ford Bronco with 2 catalytic converters. Had one of the 2 replaced over a year and a half ago when we failed emissions. We passed with flying colors. So I say, it can be done.

What causes error code catalyst system insufficient threshold bank 2?

Exhaust leak, failed oxygen sensor, failed catalytic converter.

Will a car run bad with a failed catalytic converter?

Yes, it will loose power and use an excessive amount of fuel.

What does odc code P0420 mean on dodge Dakota in English?

P0420 : catalyst efficiency failure. You have a failed catalytic converter.

What does code P0420 mean for a Chevy s10 v6?

Bank 1 catalyst efficiency failure. The catalytic converter has failed.

Your mechanic said that your engine light is on because of the catalytic conv is there a sensor on it that would throw the code?

A failed oxygen sensor could possibly cause a catalytic converter fault code.

What does catalyst efficiency below threshold Bank 1 mean?

The catalytic converter for bank one is not working properly. Either a exhaust leak, a failed O2 sensor, or a failed cat.

Why might an '89 Honda Civic fail an emissions test 3 times because of high readings on idling after changing the O2 sensor and catalytic converter?

Depends on which of the readings failed. Was it CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons), NOx (nitrous of oxides), or a combination of them?

My F0rd F150 truck failed inspection with this code P0420. What does this code-P0420 mean?

Catalytic converter efficiency failure.

How long can I drive my car with a bad catalic convertor?

A partially clogged converter will rarely prevent you from driving the car. You can usually drive it indefinitely if it is only partially clogged. You will however see a drop in performance and fuel mileage. Once the converter becomes completely clogged, which is will over time, it must be replaced. Also if you have state emissions testing it will fail with a bad converter. A bad converter is also polluting the atmosphere. Before replacing the converter find out why it failed. Also know that the converter may be covered by the 8 year 80,000 mile federal emissions warranty.

What would cause an EGR valve to burn up repeatedly in a Dodge Dakota?

excessive exhaust back pressure, possibly a failed catalytic converter

Why did the egr valve vacuum solenoid melt on a 1994 Dodge Intrepid with a 3.3liter engine?

The exhaust is plugged, most likely a failed catalytic converter.

What to check on a Chevy caprice when cutting out and loss of power?

You failed to mention the year but I would suspect a plugged fuel filter or a damaged catalytic converter.

What is a code PO420 on Nissan Altima?

code P0420 is set when the computer detects a fault in the three way catalytic converter circuit. there is a oxy sensor before and after that cat, and if the sensors do not read what they are supposed to be, it sets a code 420, which could be a failed sensor, or a failed catalytic converter, or a failure in wiring. Depending on high mileage or not, it is most often the cat worn out or, a sensor worn out.