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You should go to a dentist and tell him or her that you need your front teeth filled.

2015-07-15 19:07:15
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What can you do to make the dentist take off your braces off faster?

you can not get your braces off faster because you need braces if your teeth are not allinged well. that means that you are going to need braces for as long as your teeth need them. that is usually for quite a while.

Are there marks on your teeth after you get your braces off?

As long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth. ~ T

Can you still get braces if you have a crown on your front teeth I'm scared it will break off?

you still can get braces; i had braces for 2 1/2 years

Are your teeth stained after your braces come off?

Your teeth do not get stained after your braces come off.

How do you whiten your teeth with braces on?

You have to wait until your braces are off to get them whitened.

When will you get your braces off and How do you know?

The only way to know when you get your braces off is when your ortodontist tells you. And that all depends on how long your treatment is gunna take dependeing on how bad of shape your teeth were in before getting braces

Can you harm your teeth if you take off your own braces?

You could potentially harm your teeth severely if you take your braces off yourself. To take them off, your orthodontist uses a special solvent on the glue that holds your braces on. If you don't have that solvent, taking your braces off can be very painful and damaging.

How long does it take teeth to move back to original form after braces are taken off?

They shouldn't move back to their original positions. The whole purpose of braces is to properly align teeth. You may be given a 'retainer' after the braces are removed; this is put on at night for a few months to make sure that the teeth stay where the braces put them.

Does brushing your teeth make your teeth move faster with braces?

No, but it is important to do if you want to not have a lot of cavities filled when you have your braces taken off.

Will your teeth fall off if you use braces?


When can you get your braces off?

That is up to your orthodondist. It also depends how long your treatment plan is and how much work your teeth needed.

Will braces help on having perfect teeth?

Yes, that's the ultimate goal for braces and when you get them off

Why do some orthodontist file teeth after braces?

to smooth them. they have residue from the glue on the braces and they have to file it off so your not walking around with glue on your teeth.

If i brush my teeth once a day really good and use mouthwash at night what will happen when i get my braces off?

If you brush your teeth once in a day and use mouthwash at night, your teeth will be really good when you get your braces off.

How long does it take to get your braces off?

Usually its about 2 year but it depends on what you need done for your teeth. It can be less or even more.

What are power chain for braces?

You usually get powerchain braces for gaps, and to keep your teeth in they're place. Most people get power chain braces when they're about to get they're braces off. To keep they're teeth the same way the braces left them. Hope I helped!

Does it hurt to get braces on your teeth taken off?

When I got my braces taken off, it wasn't very painful. There was some slight pain, but nothing serious. I personally didn't think that it hurt too bad. I only had braces on my top teeth, so I don't know about bottom braces.

Why cant you eat red food when you have braces?

if you have white braces it can stain it. also it can stain your teeth, leaving white marks when you get your braces off.

What are the steps to know when you're getting your braces taken off?

When your teeth are almost completely straight, your braces should be coming off soon.

What type of gum can you chew with braces?

Any type, as long as you chew it way in the back, and keep it away from the front brackets. I recommend Trident- it has something inside it that makes your teeth a stronger and it tastes awesome. :) (I would know- I got my braces off two weeks ago after having them for four years!) Any type, as long as you chew it way in the back, and keep it away from the front brackets. I recommend Trident- it has something inside it that makes your teeth a stronger and it tastes awesome. :) (I would know- I got my braces off two weeks ago after having them for four years!)

How do you know if you will have a mark after getting your braces off?

You have to brush your teeth so no mark comes when u remove the braces

Is 7 years of braces long for mediocer teeth Tell if should ask Dr to take them off or not?

It is a rather long time to have braces on... but before you tell the dentist to take them off, get a second opinion from another dentist in your area... Hope that helps ~Coeur

How do retainers work?

When you have braces for a certain amount of time you are required to wear a clear or wire retainer. They keep your teeth from moving. So say you got your braces off and you refuse to wear a retainer or you just don't want to, your teeth will move and then you have to get braces again. Your retainer doesn't have to be in very long.

Is it sore when you get your braces taken off your teeth?

There is some short term minor discomfort, but you'll be so happy that the braces are off that it won't matter.

Is it ok if your top teeth bite down on your bottom braces?

Well, I know from experience. I clench and grinde my teeth and my back brackets on my molars always fall off. Does that answer your question? the braces on my bottom teeth get in the way when my top teeth bite down on them like when i eat the top teeth touches the bottom braces