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If the damage was done at the same time, it's one occurrence of Vandalism, covered under the Comprehensive portion of your policy and one deductible applies. If the damage was done at different times, two deductibles.

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Q: If your car had the driver door window broken and passenger side body keyed is that one claim do you have to pay two deductibles?
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Why do the power window works for the passenger right and left rear window but not the driver window?

each time the driver's door is opened and closed the electrical harness between the door and the door pillar is flexed, often this causes a break in the wiring, make shure there is power and no broken wires.

Passenger window driver side dont work?

Go to a MECANAIC...

Are the passenger and driver side window motor the same in a 98 camaro?


Are the driver front and passenger front window regulators interchangeable on a 1996 cirrus?


What could be wrong when the passenger side window switches do not operate the windows but the driver side switches do operate the passemger windows.?

Does this car have a safety lockout of the passenger switches? It's probably activated. If it was just one passenger window I would suspect a broken wire, most likely in the rubber bellows between the door and frame.

Why did the driver window switch stop working when the passenger switch on the drivers side is still working?

Maybe its your driver-side window regulator that stopped working.

How do you fix a broken driver side window on a 1950 Willy's truck?

Is the glass broken or the mechanism to raise and lower it? If the glass is broken I *believe* it is flat glass, in which case you can remove your passenger window and bring that to an auto-glass shop to use as a pattern to re-create the driver's window. Not all glass shops cut flat glass anymore, so it may take some calling around to find one. If the mechanism is broken I can only suggest you take it apart and see where it is broken or worn out. You may be able to find another mechanism at a junkyard or on ebay.

Why doesn't the passenger window on a 1999 Chevy Venture roll up from either switch but driver's side does?

check for broken wires in the door and check for pawer across the switch drive safe

Why would the driver side window and switch not work but the other window work with their own switches?

It is most likely a disconnected or broken wire in or going to the driver's door.

The front passenger and rear driver passenger power window stoped workingI check all the fuses and they are working. the rest of the window work perfect what would be the solution to this problem?

I would replace the master window switch

How do you check the passenger window switch in a 2003 silhouette?

Try swapping it with the driver's side switch

Honda civic passenger window wont go up or down. Already replaced driver and passenger side master control panels.?

Check the window fuses. They are located underneath the driver side kick panel. If the fuses are blown the windows will not work.

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