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If your car had the driver door window broken and passenger side body keyed is that one claim do you have to pay two deductibles?


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2015-07-15 19:24:46
2015-07-15 19:24:46

If the damage was done at the same time, it's one occurrence of Vandalism, covered under the Comprehensive portion of your policy and one deductible applies. If the damage was done at different times, two deductibles.


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Does this car have a safety lockout of the passenger switches? It's probably activated. If it was just one passenger window I would suspect a broken wire, most likely in the rubber bellows between the door and frame.

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each time the driver's door is opened and closed the electrical harness between the door and the door pillar is flexed, often this causes a break in the wiring, make shure there is power and no broken wires.

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Check the window fuses. They are located underneath the driver side kick panel. If the fuses are blown the windows will not work.

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