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That would be at the discretion of the lender(s). If an agreement is made and all terms are lived up to, the lender probably will not report the default to CRA's.

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Q: If your car is repossessed and you are able to get it back by bringing your account to date is it still reported as a repo?
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Can your car get repossessed after bankruptcy?

not if you still owe money on it

Is account still considered delinquent on you credit report if it has been paid in full?

Technically it is a paid, and no longer delinquent account. But it is still considered as a negative account by the FICO scoring model. The bureaus want to show your entire payment history to any lender subscriber to their service. This will still be reported as a negative account for up to seven years.

If you have never had a car repossessed you have had a house repossessed Can I still get a car loan?

Most likely not depending on what financial situation you're in.

Are you still liable for the payments if your truck is repossessed in Alberta?

Yes you are

Can you still owe money on a car that was repossessed and resold to another buyer?

yes. When a vehicle is repossessed by the bank it doesn't mean that you stop making payments. You are still liable for the loan.

When your home forecloses and your RV is repossessed can the loan company garnish your bank account for debt still owed on them?

Yes, if they receive a court judgment in most states it can be used as a wage garnishment.

Can you still owe money after your car is repossessed because of the recall?

If it is repossessed, you will owe the difference between the loan amount and what they sell the vehicle for.

Can your car still be repossessed if the payment is 30 days late?


If you LEASE a car and have it voluntarily repossessed will you still owe money on it?


Can you be sued if you let your mobile home be repossessed?

You can be sued by the finance company to recover any money still owed to them after they auction the repossessed mobile home.

What can happen if you don't pay a title loan and you still have the car?

The vehicle can be repossessed.

If the creditors repossessed a motorcycle and then DID NOT sell it at an auction do you still owe?

No you don't still owe; once the motorcycle has been repossessed, it is no longer your concern. Whether the creditor sells it or fails to sell it is the creditor's problem, not yours.

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