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Yes, if they receive a court judgment in most states it can be used as a wage garnishment.

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Q: When your home forecloses and your RV is repossessed can the loan company garnish your bank account for debt still owed on them?
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Can a credit card company garnish your checking account?

Not without a court order.

Can credit card company garnish state retirement check in Florida?

Credit card companies could not garnish a retirement account at one time in Florida.

Can creditor garnish bank account with minor as beneficiary?

Yes. They cannot garnish the minor's account, however.

Can collection agencies tap a personal bank account?

Yes! Creditors can garnish a personal checking account. As long as the creditor has the checking account info they can garnish a checking account.

Can collectors garnish money from my spouse's bank account if i am not on the account?

They can if he/she is on the collections account.

Can creditors garnish my savings account?


Can they garnish your wages in NC if your car is repossessed?

No, they cannot garnish you wages if you reside in NC. Only the IRS, state and local tax authority can garnish your wages. If you move to a garnishment state garnishment proceedings may be taken against you. Only a civil judgment may be filed but that would be at the creditor's discretion. Typically, one the car has been repossessed, it will have a condition report done on it by the repossession company who will then send it to the company that assigned the account. The credit company will determine what to do at that point. If it is worth it for them to have the vehicle go to auction, they will have it transported to the auction company where it will be sold. If the vehicle is sold for more than what you owed (this includes all the fees that get added to the account, i.e., repo fees, transport fees, admin fees, etc.) the credit company has to give you the balance. If, however, it is sold for less than what you owe (more often the case), you are responsible for the remaining balance. Yes, they can take you to court for that balance but most of the time it is written off by the credit company and it remains on your credit as a repo.

Can a credit card company in the state of Maryland garnish your pension check that is automatically deposited into a bank account if there is no other income?

Yes, unfortunately

Can collection agencies garnish or seize your checking account?


Can an credit card company garnish your wages?


Can a car loan company garnish your checking account or your wages in the state of South Dakota?

If the judge awards that as a method of satisfying the terms of the loan, probably.

Can a creditor garnish your bank account if joint with another person?


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