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If your car was repossessed by the bank and they said you could get it back as long as you bring it up to date but they put that in writing can you trust the bank?



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This is really odd, I never heard of a bank that won't give it to you in writing. However, you can save your butt by doing these things. 1. Come in and talk to the manager, or whoever it is that said they will do this to you. Bring someone with you to witness, and ask the manager to have an employee there to witness the conversation. That way you have someone that can help you hold at least 2 employees accountable. 2. If you can, bring a tape recorder. You have every right to record the converstaion because it is about YOUR loan with the bank. You can get a cheap one at Target for 15 dollars. 3. Ask the bank to print an up-to-date statement of what you owe AND keep all of your car loan statements. This way, you have a document of the day you went into the bank. (when documents are printed within the branch, the time and date is usually on the document on the bottom) And you need your states to show all the payments that are being made. 4. If you can, go to the bank to make payments instead of mailing them in. Receipts usually print with the teller's name and time you came in, and at this point ask for another statement. Also ask the teller to photocopy the remittance stub and sign it and give it back to you. 5. If the bank refuses to return your car, you can take all of this to court. With the cassette tape, you have proof that they bank will give you back your car, and you have a physical witness of the conversation that took place. And you have evidence that you really put an effort to make it current. Because realistically with my banking experience, people would rather have their loan charged off if they can't get their car back, and although its not the smartest thing to do, most would agree that they don't want to pay for something they can't get back.