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Try to keep him calm and stop any bleeding that he may have. Talk to your hamster with soft, soothing voices to keep it calm. Don't put ice on it. It will just shock the hamster even more and will be under lots of stress.

2011-04-23 19:10:28
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What is the best hamster wheel for a dwarf hamster?

The smallest one you can find!

What do i do when my dwarf hamster can't get out of its wheel?

u should wait for your hamster to finish in his wheel :) he/she will come out when he/she wants to :00:

How big should a wheel be for a 4 inch winter white hamster?

6.5-7 inches is a good size for a 4 inch dwarf hamster. If the wheel is too big your hamster will be fine. It is when the wheel is too small that it becomes a problem.

Is it normal for a dwarf hamster to run on her wheel all the time and freak out a lot?

Hamsters usually run on their wheel a lot. As long as your hamster is eating and drinking i think it ok.

What should every dwarf hamster have?

A cage, bedding, running wheel, water bottle, food.

Can dwarf hamsters use everything a regular hamster can use?

No, not everything, they need smaller cages - preferably plastic ones as dwarf hamsters can sometimes fit through the bars. A smaller wheel too, a hamster can hurt itself if its on a wheel that is too big.

What should you look for when buying a pet dwarf hamster?

Well, the hamster should be very active and running around the cage they have at the pet store. If the hamster is in the corner or is in the igloo house, then that may not be the best choice. For example, the hamster could be on the hamster wheel, that's a good choice!

How can you get your very hyper dwarf hamster asleep very fast?

Hold it with both hands.Dont let it go and wait intil its calmed down.Or put it on a hamster wheel and it will eventually get tired!

Do Chinese dwarf hamster babies sleep more?

no not all the time if it seeses someone it dosent care if its tired it will run on wheel

What is the duration of The Hamster Wheel?

The duration of The Hamster Wheel is 1800.0 seconds.

When was The Hamster Wheel created?

The Hamster Wheel was created on 2011-10-05.

When did The Hamster Wheel end?

The Hamster Wheel ended on 2011-11-23.

How do you walk a hamster?

hamster ball or wheel

How can you put a wire cage hamster wheel in a solid cage?

I definatly wouldn't advise using a wire hamster wheel as a hamster can get its legs in between the wheel when running.

Is a hamster wheel a wheel and axle?

Yes it is.

How bad does it effect your hamster to not have a wheel?

It is bad for a hamster to not have a wheel. Hamsters need their exercise or else they can die.

What do you need to exercise your hamster?

a wheel in its cage or a hamster ball

How do you get a hamster to run on the wheel?

If you just got a new hamster it is hard to get it to run on its wheel. What I did was pick it up, put it on its wheel and gently turn it slowly so that they know what it is there for. Your hamster will only run on the wheel once it is comfortable with its environment. You can also buy a hamster ball and let it run around a room in it.

What if your dwarf hamster keep climbing the cage and going round wheel during the day also losing weight is he ok?

Well, if he looks "thinner"...more like smaller, then you should make sure they have a lot of food. I have a Robo dwarf hamster and he does the same thing. He's fine because when he wakes up in the day he eats and at night he exercises. Maybe you should even take the wheel out for a little and see what happens.

How can you calm a diabetic hyperactive dwarf hamster down She has been awake and super hyper for 3 days straight and I cant hold her at all because she bites me out of excitement 6months old?

A hamster wheel would be good. It needs to get plenty of exercise.

What types of fruits can a dwarf hamster eat?

Well dwarf hamsters are neutritional creatures and need to be fed up to three small fish flakes twice a day. Plus these animals need a hamster wheel to exercise regulary or result may cause in death. if you want any more information you can email me on THANKYOU.

When was the hamster wheel invented?

your answer does not answer my question

How does a hamster excise?

by running on their wheel

What actors and actresses appeared in The Hamster Wheel - 1993?

The cast of The Hamster Wheel - 1993 includes: Deirdre Donnelly as Jeanette

Can you put oil on a hamster wheel?

no because when the hamster steps on it it will be hard for it to move