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No. A divorce decree has no legal status when it pertains to the lender's agreement. The party that wishes to keep the vehicle will need to refinance it in their name only.

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Q: If your ex-husband and you agreed that you would keep the new vehicle and his name off the loan will a creditor do this with a divorce decree?
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Do you have to sign divorce papers if financial settlement not agreed yet?

first you have to sign it then its agreed.

Does the ex-wife have to sign quitclaim deed she agreed to sign in divorced if exhusband dies before she signs?

If she agreed to sign it, she still has to. The ex husband's heirs can enforce the agreement on behalf of his estate.

Texas petition for divorce form?

Do-it-yourself divorce forms are a great option if the divorce is "uncontested" (agreed on by both parties).

Can a creditor place a lien on your property if you and he have agreed to a monthly payment schedule and you are making the payments?

Yes, if you have agreed that the house will be used for collateral.

Make a simple sentence using the word creditor?

I owned a creditor.The creditor called me. A company you owe money to is called a creditor.

How long does the divorce process take in kenyan if both parties have agreed to get a divorce and there is no property involved?

In the U.S.A it will finish faster.

We have both agreed to get a divorce and have no children and no alimony involved. how long will the divorce process take?

The fact that you both agree to the divorce will make this divorce a lot easier and possibly a bit faster. You can file an uncontested divorce.

Can a wife in IL refuse to agreed to a divorce filed by her husband?

What is a stipulated judgment in a Divorce?

A stipulated judgment in a divorce is a finding for the parties in which they have agreed to. This is often the result of a mediation hearing between the two parties.

Can your ex claim your son on his taxes if he no longer lives with him?

Yes if it is agreed upon in the divorce dcree.

If a creditor sends your payment back to you do you still owe the debt?

Yes. Once a contract has been defaulted on, the creditor has no legal obligation to accept any payment other than that which was agreed on in the original contract or subsequent agreement.

What are my rights as a guaranteer?

Assuming that there is a written agreement showing that you agreed to serve as a guarantor on behalf of a creditor, the guarantor (or as you call it, a guaranteer) generally has the same rights and defenses against a creditor as the debtor would have. Often, the written agreement guaranteeing the creditor, will spell out what rights and defenses a guarantor may assert.

What is the easiest way to file for divorce in Oregon and how can we dispute custody?

The easiest way is an Agreed Divorce. Agreed Divorce , defined by Oregon divorce guidelines and Oregon divorce laws, is a scenario where the spouses agree on the terms of the divorce such as Oregon property distribution, Oregon child support, or Oregon child custody. 75% of people who wants to divorce prefer the Agreed Divorce method and both spouses sign the divorce papers and are agreed to the terms of divorce. Determining child custody in Oregon divorce cases tends to be more simple than in cases where the parents were never married. The best case scenario, the one that we usually aim for, is the "joint legal custody" scenario. In this case, both parents retain equal decision-making rights over the children. A typical parenting plan has one parent with primary physical custody and the other parent with scheduled parenting time (visitation). An average schedule is one where the children live at one house during the week and then the parent's split the weekends evenly. Sometimes there are weekdays visits in

If the spouse denies child support in a divorce do you still have to pay it?

Yes unless agreed not to be payed with the judge.

Should divorce prior to bankruptcy?

divorce should not prior to bankruptcy. you agreed to love this person unconditionally through worse times. you should stick together and work this probem out.

Why did bob lacey divorce gigi?

She cheated on him. That information is completely unfounded and erroneous. They both agreed to a trial separation and later filed for divorce based on irreconcilable differences and remain friends.

How to Settle Debts for Less Than What You Owe?

If you have an account with a creditor that is seriously delinquent, the creditor may agree to a debt settlement to pay off the account in full. You may approach the creditor with an offer yourself, or you may work with a professional debt settlement agency. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages that are worth researching ahead of time. If your creditor accepts the settlement, you only have to pay the agreed-upon percentage of the debt.

What happens if you were never served with the divorce papers?

If you have never been served with divorce papers, you're still married. Even if you've verbally agreed to a divorce, without the filing of a divorce "order", "decree" or whatever your particular state calls it, the marriage is still in effect under the law. idolaw826

How to file for alimony?

Alimony is granted as part of a divorce proceeding. Alimony arrangements are generally agreed to by divorcing spouses in their marital settlement agreement or by court order by the court with jurisdiction over the divorce.

When can a creditor place alien on your home in kansas?

Creditors can place a lien on your home in the state of Kansas. This ensures creditors are paid an amount agreed upon in by the court.

How much debt will a creditor garnish for?

depends on what you have agreed with them and the amount. as far as i know, they cant take anything from your checking, savings, etc UNLESS you have in agreement with them and the amount.

Can a repossesion company get a boat after bankruptcy has been filed on it?

The creditor can repossess the boat, after it files a motion for relief from stay that is allowed or you have agreed to surrender the boat to the creditor. The repo company is only acting as an agent for the creditor.You do not file bankruptcy "on" anything. You file bankruptcy to have your debts discharged if they are dischargeable. If you have intentionally omitted other creditors, your petition or discharge could be denied.

How do you figure out alimony payments?

Alimony payments are ordered by a court or agreed upon by the parties, based on the facts and circumstances of the divorce.

What happens if you take longer than time given to file answer in divorce court?

It is considered as if you agreed to the items in the bill of complaint.

Stay at home mom gets what in divorce?

There is no generalized, standard answer to this question. There is WAY TOO MUCH information that is unknown. These things can either be agreed to between the spouses before-hand, or hammered out at divorce settlements.