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It is possible. Bored is probably more like it, because there is nothing to do when you are not around to interact with it. But be careful, because that rationale will result in you replacing rats for the rest of your life. Decide if you really want another one, and don't feel guilty if you decide you don't. Rats don't live all that long, as I recall, so the situation is not likely to go on and on.

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If your mouse right click and keyboard delete keys are disabled in IE how do you enable them?

On the mouse right clik issue, go to start, control panel, Printers & Other Hardware, & Mouse, check the settings on the type of mouse installed.

How many babies can a female mouse have at one time?

Female mice will mostly have from 6-12 babies at a time. Some Female might have more or less than that. There really is no right answer to this.

Name of what happens when you press and release the right mouse button?

The right mouse button, or any other mouse button, unless user defined, does not have any dragging or marquee selection protocol associated with it like only the left mouse button does. As soon as you release the right button, it is considered a right-click action.

What is the left and right mouse buttons called?

The "Left" mouse button is surprisingly called "The Left Mouse Button", while the "Right" mouse button is promptly called "The Right Mouse Button". Congratulations.

Does apple wirless mouse have right clik?

The Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse both support right click.

What is the function of the right mouse button?

Give the function of the right mouse button

Can you freeze a mouse?

Click Start -> and then right click Computer (On Windows Vista and 7) / My Computer (On Windows XP), then choose 'Manage'. In Computer Management window, choose 'Device Manager' on the left sidebar. On the right sidebar, Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right click on the mouse / device you want to freeze. Choose Disable. Attention: You need the other mouse to unfreeze the frozen mouse.

How do you not touch the water in the impossible test?

click the right mouse button and get to the other button.

What is the answer to number 40 on the impossible quiz?

Right click, and move the mouse over the right-click menu to the other island.

Components of a mouse?

Left and right mouse buttons.

What does right clicking on a mouse do?

uh umm right clicking the mouse will take you to the computer setting

Can you drag and drop using the right mouse click?

no. But you can with the left mouse button by highlighting and dragging Right mouse button can be used for copying or cutting

What is the Left click in Microsoft PowerPoint?

It is clicking the button on the left of the mouse. Clicking the button on the right of the mouse can do other things, like bring up a shortcut menu.

What buttons do you hit on cod4 PC?

I tend to find myself hitting the left mouse button a lot. Other buttons include 'w' and the right mouse button.

How can you curve the ball on power soccer?

just hold the right mouse hold it and the left mouse hold it and move the mouse right or left and let it go

How do you make you poptropican do actions on poptropica?

You move your mouse to the left, right, and other directions of your Poptropican and click.

How is a mouse an example of an input device?

Because it inputs a command into the computer. If you move the mouse to the right then the cursor goes to the right of the screen. If you click the mouse then whateve the mouse is over will either be highlighted or opened.

What type of mouse has a ball?

Opto-mechanical mouse has a ball with two freely rotational rollers, which are 90 degrees apart. One roller detects the forward-backward motion and other the left-right motion of the mouse.

How do you use the mouse?

Place your hand on the mouse so that the palm of your hand fits over it. If you are using your right hand, put your thumb on the left side of the mouse and your ring finger and little finger in the right. Lightly rest your index finger on the left mouse button and your middle finger on the right mouse button.

What does the right mouse button do?

The right mouse button it bring up tool box with options in it also highlight words

How do you right click on a laptop?

On a laptop, you can right click by clicking the right side of the mouse pad. By right clicking, you can do different commands than a regular click of the mouse pad.

What should you do if your right click on your mouse doesnt work?

Buy a new Mouse.

Give the purpose of left and right mouse botton?

On a PCs and Linux the left mouse button is used for clicking, or selecting files ect. The right mouse button is used for opening up menus related to the item for help. There is no right mouse button on Macs, but only the left mouse button with the same functions.

What does right drag mean?

You point to an item, hold down the right mouse button, move the item to the desired location, and then release the right mouse button.

What does it mean when you use the mouse to copy cells?

Whatever is in cells can be copied to other cells. There are many ways to copy cells with the keyboard and the mouse. You can do it with the mouse in a number of ways. You can copy with the Fill Handle. You can do it by right-clicking on the mouse and pick options to copy and paste from the shortcut menu. You can use the mouse with the Ctrl key, to copy.

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