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If your fiance and you just bought a car as joint ownership and are now splitting up who keeps the car if both of your names are on the title but his name is listed first but you're making payments?

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November 21, 2005 9:11PM

You could sell the car and liquidate the vehicle. Or transfer title through the local county courthouse to just one of you, but remember that currently both of you are financially responsible for vehicle and the monthly payment is reflected on both of your credit reports-(ie) wether payment made on time or not. It matters not whose name comes first on the title, but how the title is worded. If the names are separated by "and" each person owns the vehicle equally and an equitable arrangement will need to be made, or petition filed with the court for partitioning of said property. If the names are separated by "or" each person owns the entire vehicle and the person who has possession can take the action they so choose. A lending agreement that is joint is owed by both, if only one person is on the loan, but both are on the title the issue of ownership will more than likely have to be decided in a civil or small claims court.