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You could sell the car and liquidate the vehicle. Or transfer title through the local county courthouse to just one of you, but remember that currently both of you are financially responsible for vehicle and the monthly payment is reflected on both of your credit reports-(ie) wether payment made on time or not. It matters not whose name comes first on the title, but how the title is worded. If the names are separated by "and" each person owns the vehicle equally and an equitable arrangement will need to be made, or petition filed with the court for partitioning of said property. If the names are separated by "or" each person owns the entire vehicle and the person who has possession can take the action they so choose. A lending agreement that is joint is owed by both, if only one person is on the loan, but both are on the title the issue of ownership will more than likely have to be decided in a civil or small claims court.

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First and foremost, only the person who actually paid the mortgage interest (from his/her own funds) may deduct any of it. Then, it depends on how the house is deeded. If you own it in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship with your fiance, the person who paid it may deduct it. If you split the payments, you may split the deduction in the same proportion as you paid it. If you own the house as tenants in common, each of you may deduct as much as you actually paid, but only to the extent of your ownership interest in the property -- probably 50%. That is, even if you paid 100% of the mortgage payments, you may deduct no more than half of the interest.

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How does a none immigrant fiance apply for a none immgrant fiance?

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If the offer hasn't been made yet, there is no mortgage, your fiance is simply pre-approved for a certain amount. Until the deal actually closes, the mortgage isn't in effect.Most lenders would not have a problem with adding an additional name; it's one more person they could theoretically go after if the mortgage defaults, and if they're willing to bet that your fiance can make the payments, betting that between your fiance and you you'll be able to make the payments is kind of a no-brainer.

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Here is a list of some things that you would need to get a fiance visa; if you are a law abiding citizen, if you have met your fiance in person, if you are both free to marry, can you support your fiance in the usa.

If you bought a car in your name for a fiance and then she left you said she would pay for it and doesnt can you sue her for the money or is bankruptcy the only way because you cant afford it?

you can repo the car from your fiance yourself and try to sell it to get to pay it off,yes you can sue your fiance for the money also,this doesnt mean you will get the money from your fiance,a judgment against someone means nothing unless they are employeed,have assets or someway to pay the judgment ,if she isn't paying for the car how will you collect on the judgment ,by the way it takes months to get a judgment against someone