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Talk to her, and ask her why she is mad. Try to cheer her up, but if you're the one who made her mad, then just apologize.

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Q: If your girl is mad what should you say on the phone?
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How do you say mad girl in Telugu?

pichi pilla !

How you say are you mad in Spanish?

Are you mad in Spanish is: If its a boy its: estas enojado? If its a girl its: estas enojada?

What should you do if your friends are mad at you?

Say sorry

I ignored my boyfriend because i was mad if he calls what do i say?

You answer the phone and talk out the problems. You tell him why you are mad and try to work things out

What to do when you like a boy but your mad at him and he's mad at you but you both like each other?

If i was mad at a girl and she was mad at me. I would walk up and say im sorry for{for whatever i did}. Even if i was mad i wouldn't want her to to have to say sorry. Heres my advice.

What to say to a girl you like?

ok i like this girl an when im on the phone with her i dont know what to say

How do you impress a girl on phone?

just say i love you or say i fancy you

What do you say on the phone with a girl?

Ask them how they are and what they were up to , then it should open the conversation up a bit - show and interest in her likes and dislikes.

What should you do when your husband is mad at you?

I haven't experienced that yet but, my friend's parents are like that. I say, you should talk about your problems or thatproblem out. Ask why he's mad. that's all i can say.

Say that girl got mad at you and you wanted to apologize to her but your friends said no should you?

Well depends, which is more important? the girl, or your friends? if you did something huge and was bad and hurt the girl's feelings, then maybe you should apologize to the girl. but if what you did you think was something that she could forgive and forget, then don't worry about it.

This girl that i like is mad at me because i was bein jealous and say stupid thing and do stupid thing but now she's not mad at me anymore should i call her more then she call me?

call her and apologize that u where saying stupid things

How do you ask a girl out that Im mad at?

All people who have crushes on each other act mad at each other. Just approach her and say, "I'm not mad at you. I'm in love with you."

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