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I suggest you go to a good hairdresser and tell them what happened.

2006-07-04 19:54:05
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Does milk turn yellow when frozen?

It turns slightly yellow - really a creamy color.

Where do yellow cheese originated?

Given that most cheeses are at least creamy-coloured, yellow cheeses have probably been around in many countries since the discovery that soured milk curds could be turned into cheese. So the question is probably unanswerable specifically.

What is the duration of The Boy Who Turned Yellow?

The duration of The Boy Who Turned Yellow is 3300.0 seconds.

What colors make creamy white?

you start with a wight and a yellow, little by little

What was the Original color of horse drawn bamford mower?

Creamy yellow colour and red

What is a slightly curved yellow fruit with firm creamy flesh called?

George Takei

What color is mayonnaise?

Butter is yellow.Mayonnaise is whiteMayonnaise is a creamy white color.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Boy Who Turned Yellow - 1972?

The Boy Who Turned Yellow - 1972 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Are bananas always yellow?

They start green and turn 'yellow' as they rippen, they then start to turn brown then black as they get past their best and start to rot. The flesh of a bannana is not yellow but a creamy white.

Colors of stars?

Blue White, Hot White, Cool White, Creamy, Yellow, Orange, and Red

What is a a banana?

An elongated curved fruit, which grows in bunches, and has a sweet creamy flesh and a smooth yellow skin.

Is there a way to restore the brightness of EL Falcon headlights?

you can buy a kit from most auto shops to take out the yellow and restore plastic headlights

Why have my stairs have turned yellow in the pool?


Why are mangoes yellow inside?

Mangoes are usually a golden yellow inside. The color is due to the unique combination of over 20 vitamins and minerals. They have a sweet and creamy taste.

What is the color of horse milk?

"Horse milk is indescribably creamy and rich, and has a slight yellow color from the rich butterfat."

Am I Starting My Period?

Well... Are you getting brown or yellow creamy stuff in your knickers? Are you feeling cramp in your pelvis? THEN YES

What is full restore in Pokemon Yellow version?

Full restore is an item that you can purchase at a pokemart it heals all hp and any status problem for your pokemon.

What two colors two make creamy peach?

To make the color peach, you will need orange and white. You could also use red and yellow, or red, yellow, and white.

What gives yellow rocks their color?

If your talking about granite that has turned yellow with age, it is the minerals corroding.

During the yellow fever did peoples eyes turn yellow when they got the disease?

yes, the white part of our eyes turned yellow

What is wrong if your breast is swollen along with bleeding and yellow creamy discharge?

Go to the doctor immediately!! Do not wait for a Wiki answer. It is very serious.!!!!

Where can you purchase seven seas creamy Caesar salad dressing?

What a memory. Loved this as a kid. Looking back now it was green and yellow!

Are praying mantis eggs yellow?

They can vary in color but are usually a creamy light brown at first and then darkens to a medium brown as it hardens.

Why do mustard greens turn yellow?

i planted mustard greens , it is about 3 in. tall and has turned yellow, what is the problem with it, also is it good to eat when yellow.

What color eggs do americuana chickens lay?

Each hen lays only ONE color. They can either be pale green, pale pink, pale blue, or pale yellow or creamy yellow.