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If you are extremely worried, I'd advise taking him to the vet to hear more details. However, if your hamster has sprained a leg, there is not much the vet can do. A cast can't be put around your hamster's leg as your hamster will just bite it off. The most advisable thing (this is what I did when my poor hamster sprained her ankle) is to take out any exercising equipment. Let your hamster rest his/her leg as long as possible, and maybe even spoil your hamster a bit by giving him/her extra treats to make up for stress that may develop as a result of he/she being unable to exercise and run around. The key is to wait it out, and give your hamster plenty of rest. Your hamster will recover in no time. ;)

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Q: If your hamster has a sprained leg what can you do?
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How do you know if the leg is sprained or broken on a hamster if Its dragging the leg but eating and moving?

It probly has a broken leg take it to a vet or it may be sad or depressed

Will a cat stretch a sprained leg?

Whether or not a cat will stretch a sprained leg depends on badly it is sprained. If it hurts, they will not stretch it.

What do you call a leg that fells like it is sprained but is not sprained?

you call it a leg that has been hurt not severely but maybe damaged somehow

How do you know if your hamster sprained his leg?

Your hamster's leg will stick out of its body at an odd angle, he might make groans, squeaks, or other sounds of pain or irritation, and he probably won't be moving around too much; not even for food. You might want to see an exotic animal vet if your hamster is displaying those symptoms.

How do you know if a hamster's leg is broken?

The hamster will be lazy. You should pick it up gently. If it is dragging it's foot it could just be sprained, only if they can move it. If you have the money take it to the vet. Also pray for it. Only a vet can tell you for sure, but if you even suspect it has a broken leg, you should follow the same guidelines given in "How to treat a hamster's broken leg".

How do you help your cat heal a sprained leg?

Try to keep your cat off her sprained leg as much as you can to help it heal faster. If you can get the cat to allow you to put a cold compress on her leg, it will help the leg to heal.

Has your hamster broken her leg if she is holding it up and putting it down every few steps?

My hamster has bruised or sprained his leg and I believe I know how he did it. He already has a closed wheel, but he has a wire cage. He loves to climb his cage. I suspect he mustโ€™ve got his leg caught before he jumped down causing him to hurt it bad. If it is sprained or bruised hiw do I treat it?

How can you give calcium to your hamster?

Fruits and veggies, im trying to do that to my hamster too because he sprained his foot.

If someone stepps on your leg does it get sprained?


How can you tell if you have sprained your leg?

If you sprained a joint in your leg the cardinal signs of inflammation will be present around the joint. Those are redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function.

How do you know If your leg broken or sprained?

you go to the hospital

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How can you tell if a dog's is leg broken or sprained She has no pain won't walk on it will lie on same side can extend it.?

It is impossible to tell if the leg is broken or just sprained without having an x-ray done. Take the dog to the veterinarian and have the leg x-rayed.

Ankle sprained and I can't walk.?

Even if you can't use the ankle that has been sprained, it is possible to walk using the other leg and crutches.

How do you tell if your cat sprained their leg?

they limp and if you put pressure on it they will squeal.

How do you treat a hamster that broke her leg and has a swelling blister bubble on it?

Do not (NOT!) touch your hamster's leg or the blister. Bring your hamster to the vet ASAP! You can't treat this by yourself if there is a blister bubble on it.

How do you tell the difference between a broken and sprained dog leg My dog does not show any pain when i move her leg and she can move it she just wont put her weight on it is it broken or sprained?

A break is sever pain. If her leg were broken and you manipulated it she would express her displeasure most definitely.

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no he never broke his leg...he sprained his ankle according to his official site but not his leg

Is it normal if a hamster bites its leg?

Usually the hamster is cleaning its leg....cuzz i have 2 hamsters and 1 hamster always bites on the other one while its asleep, they are not fighting they are cleaning !!! but if the hamster bites through its leg and there's a red part you should take it too the vet

Did Wilma Rudolph break her leg during a race?

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Best meds for a dog with sprained leg?

The best medications for dogs with sprained legs are analgesics. This relieve pain in dogs and allow them to move more easily.

My dwarf hamster's back leg got hurt what should i do?

let the hamster be but if the hamster is not walking take it to the vet

Is my whole leg supposed to feel numb when you have a mild sprained ankle because i sprained my ankle yesterday and it just started to feel numb?

yes because one of the nerves on your ankle gets pinched and cuts the blood flow to your body leg.

What if your hamster is very wobbly?

Its leg is broken