If your health insurance has maxed and is no longer paying but you are still paying premiums to stay covered should you receive insurance-covered rates at the medical facility?

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I would say YES. It seems similar to me, that it's the same question as, what if the insurance isn't paying because it's below the deductible? I know for a fact there that you get the Insurance Negotiated rate.
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Can you waive the group health insurance offered by your employer and receive more pay because they do not have to pay a premium for you?

Traditionally, medical benefits are offered on a "take it or leave it" basis, meaning that you have the option to waive the insurance - but will not receive increased pay because of it. Increasing your salary because you waived benefits is a newer, more progressive concept that some businesses (typi ( Full Answer )

Can the company you work for pay your individual health insurance premium?

Generally NO. In CA it's in violation of AB 1672 - Insurance Code 10700 If you're the ONLY employee that might work. If there is more employees, individual plans have the disadvantage of being medically underwritten and there is some employee now or in the future who won't be eligible. In a group pl ( Full Answer )

How do you cancel your health insurance that you can no longer afford to pay?

Cancellation of health insurance policy can be more complicatedthan most other types of insurance. so following the rightprocedure when cancelling a health policy can ensure that you don'tface any problems along the way. 1. The policy holder need to call the insurance company to cancelthe policy. A ( Full Answer )

Who pays the medical insurance premiums while you're on workmen's comp?

That is a decision made by your employer. If you are receiving benefit payments from Comp, the only deductions permitted by law are court ordered payments such as Child Support. If you have a co-pay or a benefit you want to keep, you should either make your premium payment to the company or authoriz ( Full Answer )

Your daughter was covered by your insurance till she was 19 She turned 19 eight days before giving birth to her baby. Should the insurance still pay?

I would think they would pay for all of the prenatal visits. But I don't believe they would cover the hospital expenses. Unless she was enrolled at a college. Then she could remain covered until at least the birth of the child, at which time they would probably say that she has had an immancipation ( Full Answer )

Must you reimburse your insurance company for medical bills paid on your behalf when you get a settlement from the other insurance company even though youve been paying premiums to cover medical costs?

Answer . normaly yes, many people dont. you can wait it out, see if they ever catch on. if not go buy some shoes, if they do, which usually takes at least a year, get ready to return the shoes. eventually the insurance companies settle their explanation of benefits, and find out who owes what.

What is a health insurance co pay?

Generally, a co-pay is a fixed amount that you're responsible for before the insurance coverage starts for a particular medical service.

Do you have to pay health insurance for your huband?

If you have group Health through work, he maybe able to be added for more premium. Nothing is free. If you have individual health insurance and not group through work, your husband must get his own health insurance and who pays for that, is up to the two of you. He will definitely have his own premi ( Full Answer )

If the child support order states that you must pay for medical insurance are you also obligated to pay the dental and optical bills not covered by the insurance?

most of the time they give responsibility to CARRY the insurance on the child to one parent but also state that the other parent has to pay half of the medical bills that are aquired. Depends on the divorce papers. Its all about the legalities.. most of the time they give responsibility to CARRY th ( Full Answer )

What best describes term life insuranceA The insured is covered during his or her entire lifetimeB The insured pays the premium until his or her death?

Which of the following best describes term life insurance? . A. The insured is covered during his or her entire lifetime.. B. The insured pays the premium until his or her death.. C. The insured pays a premium for a specified number of years.. D. The insured can borrow or collect the cas ( Full Answer )

Does the president have to pay for his medical insurance?

I believe the president gets free medical care from Government Medical Facilities and staff physicians. He doesn't have 'insurance' so to speak. I think anybody who treats the president would likely have to have a pretty high level security clearance unless it was an emergency.

Who pays for congressmen health insurance?

We the taxpayers do. We also pay their salaries by way of the taxes we pay. I want to know how much legislators pay towards their health care.

Can an employer stop paying the premiums for an employees health insurance to cut costs?

In CA, yes. This may jeopardize the entire plan, as the Insurance Companies, generally require the employer to pay at least 50% of the premium. The employer could shop rates at http://www.quotit.net/eProGroup/login.asp?brokerID=23433638&license_no=0596610 with no obligation. Healthy employees, ( Full Answer )

Should you still be paying life insurance premiums at 87 years of age?

At age 87 I would imagine you have a whole life policy and it is probably paying dividends. The dividends may be enough to pay the annual premium or at the very least a portion of it. If this is the case you could probably arrange for such and no longer make premium payments. Call the insurance c ( Full Answer )

What happens if you do not pay your home insurance premium?

Once your policy lapses, your insurance company is no longer liable should something happen to or on your property. There are several implications here: 1) any personal liabilities that would otherwise be borne by your insurance company would go against your estate (the property and/or your personal ( Full Answer )

If an employer pays the premium on medical insurance and forces an employee to take that coverage is there anything the employee can do if they are covered under another plan?

Contact your human resource or personnel department people. If you have to self-pay for your health insurance coverage at your workplace you may be able to select not paying for it and decline the coverage. It depends on the insurance laws in your state and what is the policy at your workplace. If y ( Full Answer )

Does medical insurance pay for braces?

If you are addressing orthodontic braces, typically it does not; you would need to rely upon dental insurance. At that, much dental insurance pays only a portion of the cost of braces (half is typical). While the coverage and exclusions of the medical/health insurance policy control, there may be ( Full Answer )

What do insurance companies do with the premiums people pay?

Part of it is used to pay the wages of the people who work for the insurance company, part of it goes as earnings to the people who own the company, and some goes out to cover damages that insurance holders claim compensation for.

Who pay the health insurance for employees?

This depends on the company and its policies. Sometimes the company pays half and employees pay half. Sometimes, company pays full amount and sometimes, there are no insurance benefits for employees.

Can you choose not to have insurance cover a prescription medication and pay full cost?

Yes, of course you can. You can take your prescription to a diffrerent pharmacy and you don't even have to tell them you have insurance. You can specifically ask that your pharmacy doesnt submit your prescription through insurance... but they still might inform them or at least inform the doctor. Th ( Full Answer )

Will medical insurance pay your claims if you received DUI?

Insurance coverages vary from state to state and this sounds like one that may be a hot item in one state but not another. In most states whether or not the driver received a DUI would have no effect on the payment of medical payments coverage. Med Pay was designed to offer quick payment for emergen ( Full Answer )

Can you claim what you pay for health insurance?

It is a deduction. If you have your insurance deducted from your paycheck then it will show when you get you tax papers from your employer at the end of the year. If not then you will need to do the "long form" and not the EZ Form at tax time. If unsure have a Tax office so it for you. But the answe ( Full Answer )

My son in entering rehab for 60 days. I provide medical insurance that covers the admission. Must I still pay his child support payments while he is in rehab?

Yes, you still pay. She still needs to maintain the household where he lives, provide clothing and other necessities, incur expenses, etc., while he is in rehab. You can't decide to cease child support payments without permission from the court that issued the child support order. Yes, you still pa ( Full Answer )

What health issues are typically not covered by medical health insurance?

A lot of people purchase health insurance because they think it will help them when they become ill. Many people do not understand that when purchasing a particular health insurance provider many of them won't cover their health cost. Some people who are not covered are people who are pregnant, peop ( Full Answer )

What is health insurance employment pay?

Health insurance is a form of insurance you can opt to purchase upon meeting different criteria set forth by the state you currently work in. Health insurance generally doesn't pay you anything it however covers a majority of not all of your costs were you to get injured well at home or at work.

Does medical insurance pay for abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty is a medical procedure that is also known as a tummy tuck. No, medical insurance does not normally pay for an abdominoplasty. However, a procedure known as panniculetomy may be covered by some medical insurers if it is deemed medically necessary.

How much do doctors pay for their insurance premium?

Much like many insurance pricing questions. It will vary quitewidely depending on many factors that would reflect the overallrisk exposure of the doctor in his profession. A few of the more prominent rating Factors in the medicalprofessions might be. Previous claims history The type of medicine pr ( Full Answer )

Does Obama pay for health insurance?

Actually the above is not totally true. The President, as a federalemployee, is automatically enrolled in the Federal Employees HealthBenefits (FEHB) system. This is a partially subsidized health plansimilar to those offered by corporations- the employee pays aportion which is automatically deducted ( Full Answer )

What is co-pay in health insurance?

In health insurance a copay (copayment) is a fixed amount you payfor covered services, typically when you get the service. e.g So ifyour policy says, 10% Copay and your claim amount is Rs.1,000/- youwill have to pay Rs. 100 and the balance Rs. 900 will be paid bythe Insurance Company. Generally, The ( Full Answer )

How do you pay less premium in health insurance?

Generally, it's depend on the health insurance policy you buy fromthe insurance company. If you buy policy of high premium thanof-course you have to pay a lot. so choose the policy with lowerpremium by comparing it with the help of platforms available inmarket such as Coverfox.com, policybazaar.com, ( Full Answer )