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If your husband all of a sudden starts to shave when he starts to work but would never do it for you does it mean he is probably cheating or flirting?

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2006-08-28 19:05:34

I wouldn't jump to any divorce attorneys yet. Are there ANY

other signs other than his new interest in personal hygiene? Look

for clean and new underwear. That would be one for cheating. Look

at the cell phone bill. Is his work hours changing--good and bad?

Is he up for a promotion-that may cause him to shave. He may not

want to bring this to your attention in case he does not get it in

order to not look bad in your eyes and feel like a failure to both

of you. However, if the man is flirting as many do- he should be

strung up by his testicles and left in the garage to be found be

all the neighbors to be laughed at as they drive by while you have

the last laugh. Use your intuition, that is why God has given us

women the brains, the looks, and the fortitude to outlast the men.

God bless you and I hope you find your husband to be a perfect

gentleman, if not bicycle pegs work wonderfully-just make sure they

are hung in the studs! lol.

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