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Q: If your kitchen drain leaked under your house what can you use to kill the smell?
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How do you use the word smell in a sentence?

The smell permeated the kitchen and house. The smell was terrible and drove everyone from the room. He was unable to smell the smoke.

Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulferAlso after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

Pour baking soda in the drain.

Other example of diffusion?

An example of diffusion is when the smell of the food in the house or in the kitchen go on the air and start smelling all over the house. this means that the particles of the food diffused and mixed with the particle of the air.which causes the smell of the food all over the house or the kitchen

How do you add o n a vent pipe to an drain line in the kitchen?

In your kitchen what is depositing in to the drain? If u hav the sink , dishwasher and washing machine u are more likely getting a smell that is a simple job of usual products to clean the dishwasher of the smell if its nt that its the job if grounds men that have to fix the outside drainage

What would cause rotten food smell in kitchen drains?

Exactly that, rotten food. Purchase some drain cleaner and follow directions. Food leaves some bacteria in the pipes of kitchen sinks. Of course it shouldnt, reality is that it does. 3 or 4 times per year I use drain cleaner and the smell goes away.

What makes bathroom drains smell?

What makes a bathroom drain smell, soap makes a bathroom drain smell

What is the nasty sour smell coming from the kitchen drain?

More than likely a small blockage. pour boiling hot water down the drain and add some bi carb and vinegar to it.

Why does the house have a sulfur smell when the hot water is on?

It is probably sewer gas or something coming up from the drain.

Why the window of the kitchen is open when cooking is in progress?

So the house does not smell of the cooked food after your done cooking.

What causes a drainage smell from the kitchen sink?

A dishwasher can cause a bad smell at the kitchen sink. most of the time it is either the disposal it self, or drain tube is full of food by material, between disposal and baffle tee, or if have or had leaks could be coming from under cabinet, mold and bactieria growing

Can you install heating and cooling returns in a bathroom?

no not a good idea you should never have a return in the bathroom or the kitchen the return will recirculate the smell through out the house bathrooms need an isolated vent this keeps the smell outside the house

Natural gas has no smell leaking pipes left undetected can cause explosion?

Natural Gas don't have smell but smell is mixed up in it for the protection like the gases used in home or pipline,if they are leaked we can smell them

Can an unused dishwasher cause a sewer smell in the house?

yes. water caught in the drain line may contain food particulate which can decompose and cause gasses to escape back into the house.

How do you stop an intermittant sewage smell from the drain in your basement?

Assuming there is a trap under the drain, just pour at least a quart of water down the drain. this will fill the trap and block the flow of sewer gases into the building. A trap is the U shaped drain pipe that you see under you kitchen and bathroom sinks. Water going down the drain gets "trapped" in this U shaped pipe and blocks sewer gas from flowing back in to the house. If a drain is used infrequently, the water will evaporate and allow sewer gas back into the house. In this case, you may have to add water monthly to ensure that the water has not evaporated. If this does not work, it means there is no trap present. You will either have to add a trap if you can access the pipes or simply cover or plug up the drain.

Why would your house smell like sewer?

because if we are not provide u trap in drain line other wise battle value inside the trap

How do you get burned smell of food out of house?

the burned smell is strong. how do you get it out of the house?

What causes sewer smell come from the air conditioner vent?

I have seen this where water has leaked into the ductwork and stagnated.

What is sublination?

mom smell good food in the kitchen

How do you make a sentence with peculiar?

There is a peculiar smell in the kitchen.

Why does my car smell like poop when I first get into the car and after driving a bit the smell isn't as bad I think milk may have leaked from a container one day?

Our sense of smell only smells each different smell for 7 seconds

Why can you smell food that is cooking in the kitchen when you are in different part of the house?

Diffusion of aromatic volatile compounds produced by cooking throughout the air and transport by air currents.

Double kitchen sink has a foul organic smell like wet roots doesn't run slow no disposal do have a dishwasher no smell there have flushed it with hot water oxyclean and drain cleaner?

Do this. Pour baking soda into both sinks until baking soda can be seen in the drain. Pour white vinegar into the baking soda. It will foam massively, so step back. Keep pouring vinegar into the baking soda until it quits foaming. Rinse with hot water. That should cure the smell issue...and make the drain run faster too!

How is burnt Smell coming from vent?

check your furnace or kitchen.

What kitchen herb smell and tastes like weed?


What is the form of the poem What's that Smell in the Kitchen?

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