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If your mechanic installed a new thermostat in your car and it did not work so your car overheated and cracked your cylinder head is it his fault and if so how can you prove it?


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2011-09-12 22:15:16
2011-09-12 22:15:16

If the thermostat failed it is not the fault of the mechanic, he didn't build the thermostat he just installed it. If it failed because of improper installation that is another story. But you are also at fault,maybe more so than the mechanic ever hear of a temperature gauge. it doesn't just get to hot all of a sudden that happens with not stopping when it get in the red zone.


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Are you sure it isn't the hose leaking AT the thermostat housing? If the car ever overheated on you, there may be a warped head. If so, you're in a BIT of trouble. Let a mechanic look at it. A consultation should cost you little or nothing.

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Yes, any engine can be rebuilt unless the block is cracked. Just because it overheated does not mean it will needs to be rebuilt. Have it inspected by a tructed mechanic.

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Yes, most mechanic garages will have car lifts already installed in them. This helps the mechanic get work done underneath the car more easily and let them rotate tires as well.

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not sure of the cost. I doubt the mechanic broke the headgasket. More than likely when the radiator and water pump went bad the engine overheated enough to ruin the headgasket.

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By a licensed FAA approved mechanic.

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