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If your mom kicked you out can you move out at seventeen?

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This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability to contract for housing. SOME states allow minors to become emancipated under specific circumstances, but this is not just a matter of filling out some paperwork. A minor is the responsibility of their parents until such time as they reach the age of majority or are legally emancipated. The parents are required to provide for the support of their minor children. If the parents give permission, the minor can live in another location. Such permission does not relieve the parents of the responsibility to provide support. If the parents do not give permission, the minor can be considered a runaway. Charges may apply to individuals that aid and abet such runaways, particularly if they are under the age of consent. In some states it is my understanding that this is not enforced for 17 year olds that leave home. If you are subject to abuse, you should contact social services for your area. They will assist you in getting out of the bad environment and into a safe place.

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If you get kicked out of your house at seventeen can you the cops arrest you?

you can get arrested and they will put you into a foster home. but once you are 18 then you can move.

If your 15 and your mom kicked you out would it be legal to move in with your boyfriend and his mom?

sure just make sure its alright with him

I'm 15 and your mom kicked you out is it ok to move in with your boyfriend?

no as your still to young to live somewhere without your parents consent.

Is it illegal to move out your house at seventeen years of age if you move in with a family member?

Is it illegal to move out your house at seventeen

How old was John Lennon when his mom died?

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You are seventeen you live in Texas your mom hits you and you want to move in with your boyfriend in lousianna can you?

Talk to a school counselor or understanding adult. There's "hitting" and there's hitting.

Did biggie smalls get kicked his mom?

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Can you move out by seventeen?

Not unless you are legally emancipated.

Can a seventeen year old girl legally move in with her boyfriends parents in Missouri?

seveteen years old,moved in with my boyfriend,his mom's house,am I breaking the law? can my mom make me move back home?I live in Missouri

Can you move out when you're seventeen without your mom doing anything?

A 17-year-old is a minor and therefore subject to the control and authority of their parents. So, no, you can't just decide on your own to move out. You can move out at 17 if you have parental permission or if you've been emancipated.

My step sister lives in North Carolina and her mother kicked her out she is only seventeen years old can she legally move back to her dad's even though he signed off his rights to her?

Not as a custodial parent, but as a guardian of a child in need.

Can a sixteen year old almost seventeen move out if she is being aboused by her father?

Technically no, If you have a mom... and a have evidence that he is abusing you.. and if you'r mom agrees to take you... yes, it is alright. If you don't have a mom... you would have to contact social services w/o your dad knowing.... good luck... ;) sweetie

Who does Aria move in with after being kicked out?


Is seventeen a legal age to move out in New Hampshire?


Do you have to have parental consent to move out at seventeen in Illinois?


Can a seventeen year old be force to move back home if mom signed over custody to father?

If the father has legal custody the child should live with him. What does the custody agreement say?

Can your mom make you move back home if she left you move in with your boyfriend and is mom?

if you love your boyfriend and your mom you know what to do

In the state of Georgia can a seventeen year old move out of their parent's home with out their consent?

Yes, in Georgia you can leave home at 17 (because you can go to jail at that age), and you will not get in trouble and cannot be forced to return, but you can't be kicked out until age 18.

In what states can you move out of your parents' house at seventeen?

Probably in a lot of states, but the only one I personally know of myself is Georgia. You cannot be kicked out until age 18, but if you leave at 17, the police cannot force you to go home.

Can you legally move out at the age of seventeen in the state of Georgia?

Yes, you can. Georgia is a strange state. You cannot be kicked out until the age of majority (18), but a child can leave at age 17, and the police will not force the child back home or treat him/her as a runaway.

What are the emancipation and moving out laws in Massachusetts?

can a teen move out at seventeen?

Can a girl at seventeen move to Michigan if shes from Louisiana?


In Kansas if you have your high school diploma can you move out at the age of seventeen?

We are sorry, but next year, you can move out.

Is seventeen the legal age to move out in il?

You need parental consent to move until you are 18.

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