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Your lawyer is being lazy and he/she should be going the next step to obtaining a copy of that Will. After there is Probate and the Estate has been divided up, you can actually get a copy of this Will. Only heirs in the Will usually receive a copy, but many people such as your step-parent can hold back on giving you information (illegal to a point.) EXAMPLE: If your father remarried or your mother remarried it is usually common that the Will gives all provisions to the husband and wife. This is legal! However, if a step-parent was a decent person they would contact the children, explain what was going on and either offer some cash settlement or allow the children to have some material memories of their mother or father. I suggest you discuss this matter more extensively with you lawyer and try to get a copy of this Will. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If your parent said you were in their will but after they died you did not hear from your step-parent and they will not reply to letters from your lawyer what do you do?
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