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You may not want to drain your pool depending on your situation. You did not indicate what type of pool you have, concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Regardless of the type of pool you have, if you drain it and the there is a high water table then you will have serious problems with the pool. DO NOT DRAIN THE POOL UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR GROUND WATER SITUATION IS. If you have a concrete pool with a pitted surface and you know your ground water situation is good then I would recommend that you drain and acid wash the pool to remove the algae. IF YOU DRAIN THE POOL TO ACID WASH IT YOU MUST PUT A PUMP ON THE HYDROSTATIC RELIEF VALVE TO PROTECT THE POOL FROM POPPING OUT OF THE GROUND IN THE EVENT OF SOME SUDDEN GROUND WATER SWELLING (RAIN OR FLOOD). Even doing that will not guarantee that the pool cannot float out of the ground at any moment so it is imperative that you drain and refill the pool as quickly as possible. The less time empty the less chance of damage to the pool. If you decide to acid wash that is a whole different issue and you will need to neutralize the acid discharge before you pump it out of the pool, otherwise the acid my damage plant and wildlife, not to mention what the EPA or state environmental departments may have to say. If you have a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool DO NOT DRAIN THE POOL. These pools have a smooth surface that is easily cleaned. Here are the basic steps you want to follow in cleaning your pool. 1-If you have leaves or large debris on the bottom of the pool remove them with either a leaf rake or a leaf bagger that attaches to a garden hose. 2-Brush the walls of the pool. 3-Vacuum the pool to waste (if possible). Some pool equipment does not have this option. I that case I would recommend a second pool pump that would allow you to discharge the water out of the pool without going through the filter system. Be aware some cities or counties will not allow you to do this so inquire from you local government if it is allowed. 4-Refill the pool to the proper level for circulation of the filter system. 5-Start the filter system. If you have a sand filter have the valve in the filter position and run the pump 24/7 only backwashing the filter if the pressure goes up 5 lbs over the normal or clean pressure. If you have a D.E. filter and you have a valve that allows you to bypass the filter then put the valve in the recalculate position and start the pump run the pump 24/7. If you have a cartridge filter, oh boy, get ready for a lot of filter cleanings, and clean the filter when the pressure goes up 5 lbs over the normal pressure and run the pump 24/7. 6-Shock the heck out of the pool. This if for people using a chlorine tablet or salt generation system any other type of system you will have to reply to this posting and ask the specific question of what to do next after you tell me what type of sanitizer you are using. At this point you will want to use 3 lbs of Calcium Hypochorite per 10,000 gallons of pool water. This should turn the pool a lighter shade of green. 7-The next day take a water sample to your local pool store and have the water analyzed to continue the process. If you are using a D.E. filter do not put the multiport valve back in the filter position until the pool is no longer green but just cloudy. When you put the valve back in the filter position on the D.E. filter you will have to charge the filter with D.E. powder. How much? Depends on the size of your filter, follow the dosage recommendation in the owners manual or on the side of the filter. It should take about 3-5 days to clear a pool from dark green. If it is taking longer then there may be a problem with the water chemistry or with the filter system. A water sample to your local pool store is always a good idea. Good luck, I know it does not seem as though the pool will ever be clear and blue again but it will I have seen it thousands of times with a little care and effort it will be right as rain (whatever that means). Good Luck! Guru of Pools @ Discount Pool

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Q: If your pump broke down and now your pool is dark green do you have to empty the pool before you start up the new pump?
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