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If your son is experimenting sexually and likes to put things in his anus does this mean he is gay?

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He is just pleasuring himself, it doesn't mean he wants a real one in the butt. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want one in the butt either. You didn't say how old your son is, but from approx. the age of 10 to 16 it isn't abnormal for your son to be exploring his body. Some young females and males are more curious about their bodies than others their age. Yes, it would be pleasurable and I wouldn't be at all concerned.

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Can you get a disease if he ejaculated inside your anus?

Only if the boy has a sexually transmitted disease can you get a disease (infection) if he ejaculates in your anus.

What does Eminem do for fun?

he likes it up the anus

If you are a guy and you stick things in your anus is it gay?

I would be more concerned with what type of "things" and what damage you may be doing instead of instead of it being Gay. You may be or you may just be experimenting. Other than the potential for damage, I wouldn't worry about it.

What a gay man likes in his anus?

Usually a cock

Are hemorrhoids sexually transmitted?

Hemorrhoids are not sexually trnasmitted. THey are not caused by a germ that is spread by sex. They are caused by increased pressure in the veins aroud the anus.

Is your boyfriend on the down low if he likes for you to lick his anus but he likes it too much and you think it is not right?


Can a cucumber be used sexually?

Yes, a cucumber can be inserted into the vagina or anus and/or to simulate a penis.

What is manstrubation?

Masturbation is the process of sexually stimulating yourself. Whether it be through penis, vagina, breast, anus, etc.

What are things that are excreted through the rectum and anus?


How can you make your anus large and fat?

Put things in it.

What are the things that are excreted through the rectum and anus?


Is your boyfriend gay if he likes you to stick your finger in his anus?

It is very unlikely that he is gay, he obviously know what he likes as a male actually has a g-spot in his anus just like females do in there vagina. It can actually be very pleasurable and is highly recommended if you want him to ejaculate quickly, just make sure he washes his anus first as it could very messy not to mention smelly.

What are the things which exit from anus?

Waste products of digestion- faeces

How do you fit bigger things in your anus?

If ur a female I will take care of it.

What did dean on Jersey Shore said about deena in the baber shop?

He said she likes to give rimjobs (to lick someone's anus)

What does dean say about deanna off of Jersey Shore?

He said that Deena likes give rimjobs (to lick someone's anus).

How do you retrieve things stuck in the anus?

You must see a doctor right away.

Is it safe to put my sperm in my own anus. Will it get stuck?

First, a little bit on names. The fluid that comes out of a penis when sexually excited is called semen. In it are literally hundreds of millions of microscopic spermatazoa, or 'sperm' for short. It is absolutely safe if semen gets into your anus.

What is the anus job in the diejestive system?

It is called 'Digestive' System and not 'diejestive' system- just saying:) Anyways, from the anus all the things that have been collected in the large intestine like fibres, undigested food, etc. get out of the body through the anus.

What is 'anus' when translated from English to French?

"Anus" in English is anus in French.

What are Spartans fighting style?

The Spartans fought with dildos and rape and sexually assaulted their victims. They usually raped the victims in the anus or in the mouth. It is a proven fact that the Spartans were homosexual and raped their own sex for fun. The Spartans also pleasured them selfs with 2 ft long dildos in the anus.

What happens when you get shot in the anus?

It depends on many things. The weapon. The ammunition. The direction. You will have to be more specific.

How do you spell anus in German?

Anus in German is der After (or der Anus)

What does it mean if it burns when you defecate?

It could mean several things: 1. You ate something that was irritating on the way out. Hot and spicy foods will do that, like hot sauces, curry or jalapeños. 2. Your skin or area around your anus is irritated (rash, sexually transmitted infection, too much rubbing, allergic reaction to wipes or ointment, hemorrhoids, etc). 3. You have an injury to the anus (like a small tear) that makes it painful to go to the bathroom.

Is anus for mating?

The anus is not for mating.