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Talk with a lawyer. * No, a no contact order has been already issued. If he violates the order he will be arrested, his probation revoked and he will have to serve the sentence that was imposed. get counseling.

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Can you become a probation officer with a assault charge?


What happens if you sexually assault some one and you get caught and your on probation?

Chances are pretty strong that your probation would be revoked and you would go to prison (for both the original charge that led to probation as well as the sexual assault).

Are you goin to jail if you assulted someone while being on probation for assult?

Committing an assault while already on probation for assault sounds like it could result in having your probation revoked and spending the remainder of your sentence behind bars -IN ADDITION TO - being charged with the new assault.

What class misdemeanor is assault?

i about to go to court for a class a mis. for assault on my mother..but will ahppen to me at court jail time or probation? i about to go to court for a class a mis. for assault on my mother..but will ahppen to me at court jail time or probation?

How much time will you get in jail for aggravated assault with a pot on probation in Philadelphia?

Not enough information is known on which to base a guesstimate. 'Assault with a pot' is an assault while armed with a weapon (i.e.: the pot) - it is a felony offense. Whatever you were on probation for - the sentence for this new case will be added onto it.

How long would probation be after charged with assault?

Probation is a sentence for being found (or pleading) guilty. The length of the sentence is up to the judge.

Do you lose anything in barbarian assault In runescape?

no you can't lose anything in barbarian assault.

How long could one go to jail for in the USA for assault?

Depending on what degree of assault you could have as little as probation for a misdemeanor or up to 12 years if you you are charged with aggravated assault.

What does Assault 4 APA stand for?

My ex had the same charge. It seems to be at least in Oregon. The lowest assault charge with a probation violation attacted to it.

In Michigan can you smoke weed on probation for assault if you get a medical card while on probation?

I would definitely recommend NOT doing so without first getting a ruling from the judge that gave you the probation sentence.

How much time can you get for aggravated assault?

Up to 5 years or 7 years of probation

What happens if you are on probation for assault and you get arrested for stealing under 100?

Violating the law while on probation usually means you go to jail for at least 6 months.

Are Probation Officers allowed to frisk a probationer?

A probationer is subject to search of himself and his property at any time by his supervisory probation officer. In short, if you give him a reason or no reason at all, he can frisk you, search your vehicle, search your residence, or any other place you frequent. While on probation, you are still in custody; short of actual physical assault causing bodily injury, just about anything your probation officer does is fair game.

Will your felony probation be revoked if being charged with terroristic threatening assault and wanton endangerment?

It needs to be.

If you assult someone on probation am i goin to jail?

If I assault anyone, I don't think you would go to jail for it.

How long can you get for a probation violation if he was originally charged with felonious assault and aggravated burglary?

Probation itself IS a sentence. If you abide by all the conditions of the probation sentence you will remain free of jail. If you violate the condition(s) of your probation your freedom can be revoked and you can be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of the term of your sentence.

How long do a person get for aggravated assault?

use a weapon....2 to 5 years.........First time probation no weapon

Could you get probation for aggravated assault with a weapon in Texas?

Cannot be answered here. That decision is entirely up to the judge who hears your case, and may have MUCH to do with your past record and the seriousness of the assault. .

What is the least sentence for common assault?

In Canada, the lowest sentence for this type of charge is an absolute discharge (ie: convicted of the offence but immediately pardoned so there is no criminal record) Another common sentence for low level assaults is a conditional discharge. This means that the charge is removed from one's criminal record upon successful completion of a period of probation.

What is the penalties for assault with a deadly weapon in the state of Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, assault with a deadly weapon has an average fine of $1000, and an average jail time of 6 months. Probation is an average of 210-240 months.

If you are a victim of assault and are on probation should you tell your po?

of course you should call the police, just because you'er on probation doesn't mean you should be afraid to cal the police and report a crime that happened to you

What is jail time for assault in the 3rd degree in NYS?

The sentencing possibilities are a maximum of one year imprisonment, or 3 years probation, or a split sentence of up to 60 days incarceration and 3 years probation.

Will my probation be revoked if I was convicted of battery class A misdemeanor now on probation and recent arrest for domestic dispute?

Possibly, especially if your domestic "dispute" arrest involved assault or other violent episode it is quite likely.

What is the sentence for biting another human?

it is considered assault..and you can go to jail for it. i did. got off with 5 years probation... serious stuff.

How long do you have to file an assault law suit?

Anything assault you should have any time ( Jerry Sandusky case for example)