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Your wheels could be out of alignment; however, it is probably your wheels are out of balance. I would have this checked and repaired, if it is not fixed this will cause your tires too wear faster.

Worn Parts like a radius arm bushing , wheel bearings , or even upper or lower ball joints can cause a shaking in your front end.

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Q: If your steering wheel is vibrating do you need an alignment?
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What does it mean when your car is vibrating while you drive?

If it is vibrating on the steering wheel, you may need an alignment. If it is vibrating at the tire area you may have a bent wheel or need to have your tires check, take it to any tire shop and they can test. I had the same problem and it was a bent wheel.

When you get to 50 miles an hour your steering wheel starts vibrating what is going on?

check your tire balance or you might need an alignment

What are the signs that your car need a wheel alignment?

Steering wheel shakes

What causes the steering wheel shake without braking?

You may need a wheel alignment, or you may need bushings.

Why does your car turn right when steering wheel is straight?

You probably need an alignment.

What does it mean when steering wheel is not center?

U need a front wheet alignment

Why does my steering wheel shake on 1997 Chrysler Town and Country?

Your tires are bad or you need an alignment. Get your tires checked, they may need to be replaced or rotated, and you can check your alignment by letting go of the steering wheel while driving, if it drifts left or right significantly, you need an alignment.

You recently hit a kerb and now your steering wheel is off centre?

the damage may be more than your steering wheel. you need an alignment

Your car pulls to the left when you let go of the steering wheel?

you need a whell alignment

Why car pulls to right or steering wheel shakes when iam braking?

You need an alignment.

Why does your steering wheel shake when you drive between 50-55MPH on a 2004 Sahara?

u probabily need an alignment u probabily need an alignment

How do you adjust steering wheel?

There will need to be an alignment done on the vehicle to straighten the steering wheel properly. The adjustment to make it straight is called a "toe Adjustment". If it pulls while driving causing the steering wheel not to be straight it will need a Caster or Camber adjustment or all of these may need adjustmnet.

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