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Judgment collection laws vary by state, but the law laws in most states give the creditor broad discretion on how to enforce the judgment. In California for example, there is no law against putting a lien on the debtor's home before, during or after the wage garnishment. * In the majority of cases a single judgment cannot run concurrently nor can the single same judgment be executed as multiple methods of "cure". The exception is child support and/or federal or some state tax arrearages.

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Q: If your wages are being garnished can they put a lien on your home?
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Can your home be garnished if jointly owned by your wife?

A home cannot be garnished. Your wages or bank account could be garnished. Your home would be liened. Whether or not a lien can be placed depends on who is seeking funds from you and why.

In the state of South Carolina can your wages be garnished or bank accounts frozen for a judgment from a creditor?

NO. In S.C. they can not garnish your wages if you have a judgement of a lien. It will go on your credit report, but no garnishments.

Will a judgment affect a spouse?

A judgment against one partner has the potential to affect both parties. The person who placed the judgment can have wages garnished, place a lien on your home or get a court order to access your bank accounts.

Can wages be garnished in CA to collect small claims judgment?

An order is signed by a Judge and is law. Yes the lien holder can present this judgment and force a garnishment.

Can a lien be put on your home if auto repossessed?

In most states the answer is no, they cannot put a lien on your home. They can however garnishee your wages. what is the law in tn

What happens if the party you are garnishing is already being garnished by other creditors in Colorado?

You may have to try a lien. Only a certain percentage of pay can be garnished & they are probably at the max.

Can a spouse in Texas have his or hers wages garnished by the IRS for a tax lien that the spouse incured before the marriage?

Yes. Texas is a community property state, and all income earned by both spouses is property of the community. Because of this, technically your wages are also his wages and the IRS can go after them.

What can happen if you can't pay a judgment against you?

Your wages will be garnished or bank account levied or any real property you own will have a lien filed against it, until you can pay it off.

Is your home exempt for collection in a car repo?


Can you garnish your daughter's wages on a cosigned loan?

You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.

Can they put lien on your home to satisfy the remainder of an RV loan?

YES, usually they garnishee your wages first.

Can a credit card collector put a lien on your home?

yes....after they obtain a judgment in court...they can put a lien on your home, file an abstract against your social security number and attach wages and bank accounts...

Can they garnish wages in Texas?

Texas only allows wage garnishment if the debt cannot be collected by other means (bank account levy, seizure and sale of nonexempt property, lien against real property). Wages can be garnished when the matter is one of child support.

Can a husband and wife get their wages garnished for the same bill?

In the state of Washington, yes. Washington is a community property state. I don't know if that makes a difference, but you can contact your local court, or contact the lien holder.

In Maryland can a spouse's wages be garnished or have a lien on placed property in their name only that was bought before the marriage if the other spouse is the only one listed on the judgment?

Yes and no. It depends on the state that you live in. See an attorney.

How many times can you be garnished for one debt?

Only once, but it is good until the lien is satisfied.

Can you lien a home in the Bahamas?

You can put 'a lien' on a home in The Bahamas.

How likely are you to be garnished for unpaid credit card debt?

Very much likely. how many other creditors already began garnishing your wages (they have to stand in line for the garnished money), what assets you have (they might find it more worth their time to go after your assets like property lien or even a bank levy. YES IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IF YOU GET A JUDGEMENT AGAINST YOU. YOU CAN GET GARNISHED UP TO 25% ON EVERY CHECK BEFORE TAXES.

How can you find out how much a lien is on a home?

== == A lien is registered either at the county or State level, and it prevents a property from being sold until the amount of the lien is paid off in full to the lienholder. By doing a lien search, you can find out the amount of the lien, and who holds it.

If a lien was put on your property and your wages were garnished and then after 6 months the garnishment stopped and nothing else was taken out is the debt considered paid?

Perhaps, or the ganishee may reside in a state where the garnisher is required to refile for a writ of garnishment after the specified time limit has expired. Contacting the clerk of the court where the garnishment order was granted will obtain the information needed by the garnished debtor.

Can a home be sold when a lien is on it?

No a home with a lien on it cannot be sold. A lien gives first right to the property to the creditor.

Can your paycheck be garnished without you being notified first?

Yes, your paycheck can be garnished without being notified. I was devastated when I received my paycheck and behold I had been garnished. (garnishment May 2010) In the state of Georgia incur Deduction of 25% of my gross income. I had judicial lien from creditor (which I don't recall) since 2006. Also, shown on my credit report this account as being charged off in 2003. In result of being garnished, it has cause an tremendous economic burden and hardship on me. Best thing, I would suggest always check your credit report!

Can a second mortgage lender garnish wages in SC for a foreclosure where the first lien took back the collateral?

If they were not part of the foreclosure deal, meaning that they didn't sign off on the short sale, then the loan is still outstanding. I suppose you didn't make the requested payments, so they are following up by garnishing your wages for payment. Check in with a real estate attorney, but you probably have a choice between paying up or having your wages garnished.

How do you put a lien on someones home without going to court?

How do you place a lien on someone's home.

Can two creditors put a lien on your wages at the same time?

1) your wages may be "garnished" by a creditor through a legal procedure. 2) YES, if the garnishment procedure determines your wages are adequate to have multiple forced payments deducted (while you still can sustain a basic standard of living - reflected by the legal procedure), then you can have multiple garnishments (ie. by multiple creditors - a single creditor only would do the garnishment procedure once for multiple accounts you might have with them) against your wages.