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If your wife moves to another state while you are trying to establish custody of the children during a divorce will she give up custody rights?


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2006-05-03 20:30:49
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Both parents need to be mature about this and realize the children have feelings as well. To the children you two are just "mom and dad." Many couples are angry, frustrated and sometimes hate even enters the picture. The wife may have good reason for taking the children and running (or the father.) There are several reasons why one or both of you could lose: Mental/physical abuse (including sexual abuse) or abuse against a partner in marriage. A poor environment establish for the children (this doesn't mean you can't be poor to middle class, but the quality of time and effort you put into the children to keep them safe and happy.) Using money to over-power your partner for the custody of the children. Alcohol/drug abuse. Sometimes the courts will let the children decide who they want to live with. If you and your wife have just had normal problems in your life and decided to split-up, then the children have the right to see BOTH their parents. By now you should be seeking legal counsel to protect your rights, but remember, this also protects your wife's rights. You can find out where your wife is and have your lawyer tell her that she must return to your State and comply with the law. In some States when one partner takes off with the children it can be considered kidnapping! Good luck Marcy


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