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Yes. But there is no harm in asking more questions while your there. However, insurance companies don't like to pay for more than what they are required to.

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Does workmans comp cover hernias?

Was it an on the job injury?

What is the average workmans compensation for torn rotator cuff injury?

about 6%

If you retire is workmans comp still have to pay your medical?

workmans comp is supposed to pay for the life of the injury, check with you lawyer, but that's what my lawyer told me.

Who pays for your health insurance while you are out on workmans comp?

Workmans' comp law does not require your employer pay health benefits beyond treatment of the injury. Your employment (e.g., union) contract may require continuation of benefits, however. And FMLA can quarantee 12 weeks of continued employer contribution. After that you must be offered COBRA continuation.

If you have a workmans comp claim and settle out of court is the workmans comp company required to cover the same injury for the rest of your life if you hurt that area again will workmans comp pay?

i lost a finger in 1983 do i get money for that

How long after an injury can you do surgery on workmans compensation?

You should never do surgery unless you are a surgeon.

Is stroke covered by workmans comp?

If directly caused by an employee's workplace injury. But it was after hours

In NJ what is the Workmans Compensation insurance statute of limitations for treatment of a workplace injury?

2 years

How long does it take for soft tissue damage to heal on the knee?

The length of time for an injury to heal depends on the health of the victim and the type of injury. In general, the injury can take months to heal.

Do you have to disclose a past workmans comp injury?

Although it is illegal to claim the injury in a job other than the one you were injured in, all you "have" to do is pay taxes and die.

Does workmans comp cover missed time from work due to medication illness to treat injury from work?


Do you still receive payment for lost wages if your fired one week after your injury occurs?

It is illegal for a company to fire you after a Workmans Comp injury has been reported. Retain an injury lawyer ASAP. Good Luck

What does health law refer to?

Health law analyzes the appropriateness of governments to improve the overall health of a population. In general, health law focuses on police power, disease and injury prevention and law of populations.

What is workmans comp settlement scale for rotator cuff surgery?

The workman's comp settlement scale for rotator cuff surgery depends on a variety of factors including how long the employee is off work and how serious the injury is. In general, employees can expect to receive two-thirds of their salary for this type of injury.

You had a knee injury covered ny Workmans Comp several years ago Recently a student pushed you and reinjured the knee Is this covered under Workmans Comp?

Are you a teacher or otherwise employed at the school, or a parent at the school? If you were at work when the injury happened, were operating in the normal scope of your duties, it may be covered under Work Comp.

If your fired one week after receiving an injury that is covered on workmans comp do you still receive payment for the lost wages for the time your not able to work due to the injury?

it really depends on how bad the injury is if they fire you because of your injury report them. and no you dont because they fired you u dont get fined for doing that.

If you are injured on your second job will workmans comp pay your lost income from your other job which is your main source of income?

Individual states make Workman's Insurance (comp) laws. In general any income lost from injury is taken into account when benefits are assessed.

how i get pay for my medications for workmans comp?

Your injury is work related, so your H.R. manager, or benefits adminstrator will be able to guide you through the proper procedures.

How health professional define health?

Health is the general condition of an individual in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human. From Google dictionary: "The state of being free from illness or injury".

Can you claim workmans comp on corpal tunnel and neck injury due to work if you have been going to the doc on it already to try to fix it without claiming and then you done all you can do but surgery?

If you can demonstrate the injury to be work related, then you can claim it.

What is the healing time of shoulder fixed with screws and plate?

Ask your surgeon or orthopedic doctor because it depends on the extent of your injury, your age and your general health.

Can you be fired while im on workmans comp from a work related injury?

Certainly. You cannot be fired BECAUSE of your WC claim, but can be fired for ANY other reason.

What legal representation do I need for a brain injury work compensation suit?

If you husband was injured on the job you need to find a workmans compensation attorney, preferably one that has handled brain injury caes. A great place to get a referral is you neurologist.

What makes a work injury OSHA recordable?

A work-related injury is OSHA recordable if it results in:ill health or impaired healthan injury requiring medical attention beyond first aid.

What is a general sports injury?

A concussion