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Ignition key will not turn on a 2001 olds alero?


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It a stupid security feature... All you have to do is to keep the key in the on position after trying to start the car. You will See a security light flash for exactly 10 mins, then turn it all the way off and it will start. Your car no longer recognizes the key.

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how to get the check oil light to go off on a 2001 olds alero

If your ignition will not turn, try turning the steering wheel slightly while you turn the key. Sometimes the steering wheel will get locked in place and doing this will allow the ignition to move again.

Turn the ignition key on for 10 minutes and it will reset.

You don't, your computer controls your speed. If you do this, you turn your engine off.

mash the emergency brake one click and that should turn them off

How can I take out the key from the ignition key in a BMW 325i 2001. I can turn on the engine but the key doesn't come out when I turn off.

Try turning the sterring wheel just a little while trying to turn the key. Also you might try pulling up on the gear shift lever if this is a column shifter while trying to turn the key. Hope this works.

a bad sensor. the alero is notorius for many bad sensors. not an expensive replacement though

In my 1999 Alero, it did this and it was traced back to the power steering pump going bad.

Yes a bad senser in any vehicle will turn your engine light on. Even a performance air intake will turn your engine light on.

Push it you will easily find that it will turn your hazard lights on.

try releasing the tension on the steering wheel by turning the steering wheel left or right as you turn the ignition key

Put a wrench on the tensioner and turn counter clockwise, belt will come off easy.

To turn off the factor alarm on a 2001 Toyota Celica, place the key in the door and unlock it. If this does not disconnect the alarm, place the key in the ignition and turn it over.

The only way to turn off the DRL (daytime running lights) is to remove the fuse that controls that function. There is no switch or computer code that changes that.

That means your security system door lock is acting up. Pretty much you have to take it down to a delear

If you are referring to the Turn Signal Flasher Relay it is located behind the center of instrument panel, which is not easy to find. Look closely as it is there.

Try this: Turn the ignition to RUN (do not start), press the unlock button on the keyless remote, ignition OFF. Repeat 2x. Turn the ignition to RUN, press the unlock button on the keyless remote twice, the power locks should cycle to indicate successful programming. Turn the ignition OFF and test remote.

lets start real simple, wrong ignition key, ignition key lock jammed or broken, alot of times all you have to do is turn the steering wheel just enough to get the load off the steering wheel lock and then the key will turn. tahts about it.

I've had this problem where I couldn't start my car and it turns out it was because the security light was on. To fix it: Place the key in the ignition and turn it one rotation (so battery is on) then leave it in the ignition for 10 minutes. Restart car and security light will be off.... also car will start!

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position. Leave in this position for ten minutes. Turn key to off then to start. This should reset the security and the car should start right up.

There really isn't an "off" for the headlights. The only way to have them not on after dark, is to pull the e-brake, and turn the car on. They will be off as long as the e-brake is engaged. Let off the e-brake, and they automatically come on again.

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