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MASH the emergency brake one click and that should turn them off

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How do you disable the Daytime running lights on your 2003 Olds Alero?

If you just want them off when your parked, just put on the emergency brake.

How do you turn off the automatic headlights on a 2001 alero?

The only way to turn off the DRL (daytime running lights) is to remove the fuse that controls that function. There is no switch or computer code that changes that.

Why aren't my lights working in 2000 Olds Alero fuses replaced lamps replaced still not working running lights work but no brake lights except the light bar on trunk?

my Oldsmobile alero did the same thing. It turned out to be as simple as a blown bulb in my tail light.

Why does your interior lights on your olds alero stay on?

lights on my 2001 oldsmoblie alero stay on after car is shutoff

How do you replace the head lights on my 1999 Oldsmobile alero?

how do you replace head lights on my 1999 oldsmobile alero?

Dash lights on Oldsmobile alero?

brake light on when driving oldsmobile alero

How do you change the lights on the odometer for a 2000 alero?

very carefully!

Your trac light and service engine light on in your 02 alero What is the problem?

i to also have a 01 alero had the same propblem was told it was the speed sensor replaced it and no more lights i to also have a 01 alero had the same propblem was told it was the speed sensor replaced it and no more lights

Warning lights on the 2003 Oldsmobile Alero?

See the link below for a definition of dash warning lights. - TechJK ------------------------------------------

How do you disable the computer controlling your speed on a olds alero?

You don't, your computer controls your speed. If you do this, you turn your engine off.

Why are the fans running on a Oldsmobile alero 2000 when the car is on?

to cool the coolant in the engine

How do you disable the governor on your 22 ltr 2004 Alero?

There is no governor on this car. The speed is computer controlled by a rev limiter or fuel shutoff.

Why would oldsmobile alero stop running while driving?

out of fuel, bad alternator/battery, mechanical frailer. need more info., does it crank? fuel level? any lights on dash board when car shut off?

Why when my 2003 Alero is sitting in the sun The car starts and runs but there are no accessories no dash lights no radio no power windows.. within minutes everything works fine?

I have same problem in 02 Alero.

How do you fix an '01 Alero if the tail light and dash lights are out?

check for a bad fuse in the fuse panel.

What fuse controls brake lights on a 2003 olds alero?

Should be labeled or just look for the bad one

What does the weird shaped light on alero 2001 dashboard mean?

Push it you will easily find that it will turn your hazard lights on.

What would cause 2003 Chrysler alero stop running while driving?

The Alero is made by Oldsmobile not Chrysler. My first suspicion would be a failed fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.

Why are your trac off light and abs light coming on your 99 alero?

these lights came on my 2000 alero and I needed to replace the wheel hub assembly. So far I have replaced 4 of them. I think its a defect in the car

Why does alero olds 2002 quit running when air conditioner is turned on?

A faulty A/C compreesor can stall the engine

Tail lights and dash lights not working in 2000 alero - reverse brake and turn signals are ok any help would be appreciated?

Blown fuse or bad headlight switch

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4L?

To keep a car running its best, a person has to keep the fluid levels maintained. The 2000 Oldsmobile Alero uses 12 quarts of transmission fluid.Ê

Why wont brake lights work on 99 0ldsmobile Alero. fuse is OK?

Make sure the bulbs are still good.

How to change the fog lights on a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero?

try changing the fuses for the blower or maybe the motor blower itself or the blower resistor.....................

All lights come in my 01 old alero when starting the car and will not turn off Anyone having that issue How do you fix it?

your ignitions gone