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Q: Importance of Hurricane Felix 2007
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How did hurricane Felix occur?

Hurricane Felix made the most southern-most landfall in the Atlantic as a category 5 storm in 2007. It formed from tropical wave. Felix made landfall just south of the border between Nicaragua and Honduras on September 4, 2007.

How many people were killed in hurricane Felix?

There were 130 people killed in Hurricane Felix, and three people died later due to related injuries. Felix made landfall south of the border between Nicaragua and Honduras in 2007.

What was the most recent category 5 Atlantic hurricane?

The most recent Atlantic hurricane to reach category 5 strength was Hurricane Felix, which lasted From August 31 to September 5 2007.

Did hurricane Edith make landfall as a category 5 hurricane in 1971 in Nicaragua?

Yes, Hurricane Edith made landfall in far northern Nicaragua on the evening of September 9, 1971 at peak strength as a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 160 mph and a barometric pressure of 943 mbar. It was the first Category 5 storm to hit Nicaragua (Hurricane Felix of 2007 has since hit Nicaragua at this strength). At the time, it was the strongest hurricane to hit Nicaragua in terms of barometric pressure, but has since been surpassed by Hurricane Joan of 1988 and Hurricane Felix of 2007.

Has there ever been a hurricane Matthew?

Yes. Hurricane Matthew was a major hurricane that devastated portions of Haiti, the Bahamas, and the southeastern U.S. in October 2016. It briefly reached category 5 intensity, the first Atlantic hurricane to do so since Hurricane Felix in 2007.

How many people were injured in hurricane Felix?

Hurricane Felix caused an estimated 160,000 injuries 133 Fatalities and $50.39 worth of damage throughout South America and the Caribbean

When did Felix Crawford die?

Felix Crawford died in 2007.

When did Felix Milgrom die?

Felix Milgrom died on 2007-09-02.

When did Felix Gerritzen die?

Felix Gerritzen died on 2007-07-03.

When did Felix L. Sparks die?

Felix L. Sparks died in 2007.

When was Hurricane Punch created?

Hurricane Punch was created in 2007.

What actors and actresses appeared in Felix - 2007?

The cast of Felix - 2007 includes: Jella Alpert as Lena Wolfgang Michalek Tim Porath Oda Thormeyer Max Wrobel as Felix

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