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Yes, you need to remove the door panel. The power connector for the mirror is located behind the door panel. To remove the door panel, it is not as simple as you might think. The most difficult and time consuming task is to remove the bezel. Based on my last DIY project, this is what I did to remove the door panel. Be careful, you might break the bezel. You might need professional help. 1. Make sure the window is up. 2. There is a total of 6 screws to remove. 1st screw - top left - behind plastic button. 2nd screw - behind the door handle bezel. 3rd & 4th screws - hand rest (one is hidden behind plastic circle). 5th & 6th screws - bottom of door panel. 3. To remove the door handle bezel. In addition to removing a screw, you must pull/slide the bezel away from the door hinge. Toyota has over-secured this bezel with a square tab, top and bottom, near the power door switch. Pull it out slowly and gentlely. When replacing door panel, the metal along the inner top of the door panel goes over the metal along the bottom of the window. COMMENTS ADDED BY RONB 4-15-06 Thanks for your above instructions. It helped a lot to have these instructions in order to do this job. I just finished this same repair on my 1999 Camry and wanted to add a couple of insructions to the ones above. 1. There's a seventh part that must be removed. It is a pop rivet that holds the door panel in place on the far left side around the edge of the panel. Push the head of the rivet in with a nail or small screwdriver and it will come out. (To reinstall, pull the head out of the rivet and when you push it back into the door, push the head in flush.) 2. The door handle bezel was a bear to get off (Half the time of the total job). Maybe I can help the next person with these additional notes: As you face the door, the door handle bezel has a tongue and grove tab on the back side oriented in the center on the indentation. It also has top and bottom snap together tabs directly above and below the door handle lever/door lock hinge. Slip your fingers under the LEFT side of the bezel and pull straight out towards you. This will pop loose the snap tabs and the tongue will pop out. Reverse this to reinstall by pressing the tongue into the groove while pressing on the top and bottom of the bezel right above the hinge. 3. Our model is an XLE and it has a treble speaker right in the way of the mirror bolts. To remove the speaker cover: there is a snap tab on the bottom and a press fit pin & rubber keeper in about the middle. Gently push the cover upwards with your finger pressing up on the bottom snap tab, then slip your finger nails under theedges of the part and pull straight towards you.

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Q: In 2000 Camry power mirror replacement is it necessary to remove the door panel or is the connector wire long enough to pull the connector end up and any pitfalls in panel removal?
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