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These figures are estimates from 2008:

1) China - 1,330,044,605

2) India - 1,147,995,898

3) Indonesia - 237,512,355

4) Pakistan - 172,800,051

5) Bangladesh - 154,037,902

6) Japan - 127,288,419

7) Philippines - 96,061,683

8) Vietnam - 86,116,559

9) Thailand - 65,493,298

10) South Korea - 48,379,392




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What are the top ten populous countries in Asia?

Name the country with the largest population in Southen Asia

What is the world population of Spectacled bear?

According to the IUCN, the spectacled bear has a population of around ten to twenty thousand.

What is the population of Ten Alps?

The population of Ten Alps is 400.

What is Ten Boer's population?

Ten Boer's population is 7,238.

What was US population in 1864?

According to the New York Times Almanac, the population of the United States in 1860 was 31,443,321. The population of the nation ten years later, 1870 (the census is taken every ten years), was 38,558371.

Most famous land mark in Asia?

it is hard to answer but there is no answer to most famous land mark in Asia so the answer is the top ten you find if your doing a project you just pick one of the top ten then say its one of ten famous land marks in Asia

What happens every ten years according to the US constitution?

A census is done to determine the population of the state to make sure the population matches the number of Representatives.

What according to the Constitution what must be taken every ten years?

A census (head count) of the entire U.S. population.

What according to the Constitution must be taken every ten years?

A census (head count) of the entire U.S. population.

What is the projected world population in ten years?

the projected world population in ten years is 6,800,000,000

Is the ten thousands place located 5 places?

Yes it is located five places. For example, ten thousand is represented as 10,000 which fills five places.

What is the population density of Ten Boer?

The population density of Ten Boer is 160 people per square kilometer.

How many voting districts are there in Washington state and what they are based on?

All voting districts are divided according to population. There are ten in Washington state.

Population of the coastal plains?

About ten million people

Ten places in Jamaica with Spanish names?

how many places in Jamaica was named by the Spaniards

What is the Illinois population ten years ago?

Ten years ago, in 2004, the population of the state of Illinois was 12.65 million people. The current population of Illinois is 12.88 million.

What was the population count in the US census for 1790?

According to infoplease.com, that first census, 1790, showed a population of 3,929,214. For detailed census information for each ten-year mark from 1790 through 1960.

What are the ten largest city in Asia?

Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Hong Kong,

What are the ten major landforms of Asia?

uh, i know mt. Everest is one...

Projected population of US in ten years?

Some estimate a 2020 population of 40,000,000.

What is 4 decimal places?

They are numbers representing ten thousandths.

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