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In Australia two new WWE shows have started called Heat and Velocity how are they different from Raw and Smackdown?

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September 12, 2011 10:57PM

Basically, it's local Indy talent taking on some of the less

used, but still valuable superstars that are starting out or are

not really popular on the main shows. Usually has 1 or 2 matches,

and then promo vids, and an interview or 2.

Velocity is the smackdown version of heat.

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It has wwe's new young talents.

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baisically if you check out every arena you look at like Velocity

arena looks like the smackdown arena and the heat arena looks like

the raw arena

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yuung talent and less-valueble superstars fight in 11-years catch

Jeff justice aka wwe or world heviweght champ.

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