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In California can you be forced to open a locked garage in an attempt to repo a vehicle?


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NO! It would require a court order. The garage is private property and the owner has the right to keep it secured. If an attempt is made to remove the car from the garage (locked or not) the repo. agency has committed a Breach of Peace. Which may result in fines and the loss of the lender's right to any deficiency judgment.


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A garage is a noun meaning a place to store a vehicle.

Yes, It will cover your garage door, but will not cover your friends vehicle.

This question is fundamentally flawed. The repossessor is not removing *your* vehicle from the garage - they're taking *their client's* vehicle - so the answer is YES.

Most insurance companies want you to keep your vehicle in a garage.

You can take the vehicle to a dealership of your choice that sells that make vehicle, not just any garage.

Yes, but in most states they cannot get a vehicle locked in a garage.

A garage life is a mechanical device that lifts up your vehicle and allows it to stay suspended in the air while you work on the underbelly of the vehicle perhaps.

Yes, garage has that definition, but the word 'garage' can also refer to any vehicle mechanical repair shop. Garages are also sometimes used for storage or hobbies, among other uses.

yes, you ca either park on the street, or car garage next to station, not sure if vehicle can be left overnight though

is it illegal in california for an adult to drink alcohol in an open garage?

The PC was invented in a garage in California.

Once CJ purchases a property with a garage, the garage will automatically open when he drives a vehicle in, and open again when he stands in front of it to get a vehicle out.

I would not,as a State of California Licensed Repossessor.I would not! If the garage was open...depending on the situation I might,but definitely not if the garage is closed!

The car can only be repossessed from a locked garage if the car is spotted in the garage from a window or a crack, but the repo company cannot enter the garage if the car was not visibly spotted.

The garage is where a personal vehicle is stored.

Yes. The garage can use their repair plate on the unregistered vehicle to make it legal to tow.

Anywhere except Federal Property (unless they have the necessary permits and licensing) and Native American Reservations (unless they have the permission of the tribe). So, pretty much anywhere. The single exception is that they may not enter a closed building such as a garage, however, if the can successfully hook the car from outside the garage, most states will turn a blind eye to the vehicle being dragged out an open door. And, if you have the vehicle closed in the garage, the driver will attempt to request you surrender it. If you refuse, likely as not he will return with a replevin and a law enforcement officer to take possession of the vehicle. Just give it up.

No. It is illegal to have a garage sale without a business permit in 9 states, including CA

The closet word to "garge" is garage. The official definition for the word garage is "a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles."

Your homeowners insurance will cover your garage door subject to your deductible since it is part of your house. Your Home insurance does not cover damage to a vehicle though. That's what Auto insurance is for. Your friend will need to contact his auto insurance to fix his vehicle.

Check local real estate ads for garage space to rent. Just make sure that it is a garage that they are okay with you working on the vehicle.

yes subject to your homeowners deductible

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